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Strativity’s Journey Mapping Referenced in Forrester Report

By cmiadmin | October 29, 2014

A new independent report mentions Strativity's expert journey mapping process. Strativity Group is a global customer experience transformation firm led by Lior Arussy, who also speaks on the keynote circuit about customer experience. PRWeb published an article about Strativity Group being listed in the October 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. report, The Seven Steps Of Highly Effective Journey Mapping.

The PRWeb article says, "The report states: 'Strativity Group leverages its proprietary Experience 360(r) methodology to measure and analyze the experience from both customer and employee perspectives to identify gaps between employee perceptions and client needs and create a more customer-centric culture.''

Strativity finds discrepancies in perception by collecting insights from customers and employees in four areas: capabilities, knowledge, willingness, and attitude. Strativity conducts deep immersion sessions to find the information. The PRWeb article reports that the insights gained are then "shared through cross-functional workshops and through organization-wide distribution of the final Customer Experience journey map."

Strativity has been a leading force in global customer experience for over twelve years. The firm has conducted over 150 customer experience transformation projects with its holistic, integrated approach. Clients include FedEx, Royal Mail, Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, Sage, and more. An estimated 220 million customers have been affected by Strativity's customer experience transformation projects, and many more customers will also benefit from future projects.

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