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Heather is also the CEO of Employee Fanatix, a TEDx speaker on adversity, host of the Leadership with Heart Podcast, an attorney who worked for years in corporate America and a soccer mom who loves warm chocolate chip cookies!

How to Create a Culture of Listening

This keynote distills down 12 years of Heather reviewing 25,000 employee engagement survey comments into actionable insights that have been proven to lead to better engagement, better customer satisfaction, higher revenue, lower turnover, and brand loyalty.

This program is perfect for leaders: 

  • Seeking to understand employees, prospects, or customers through active listening in order to better meet their needs

  • Working to improve the culture at work to ensure everyone feels heard, valued, and appreciated

  • Supporting others at work to become more engaged, motivated, and productive

The audience will leave with:

  • The one success characteristic they need to reach their goals and create win-win scenarios at work

  • An inspired understanding of how to practice active listening with those who look to them for guidance

  • A listening process that will unlock valuable insights and deliver desired outcomes

The Art of Caring Leadership

Outcome: The four Caring Leadership principles delivered in this keynote serve as a powerful reminder of the responsibility every leader has to uplift their team and organization and drive real business results by showing more heart at work. 

This program is perfect for leaders: 

  • Supporting employees through organizational change

  • Prioritizing self-development as part of their leadership development 

  • Working to improve their ability to inspire and engage those they lead and meet key organizational goals

The audience will leave with:

  • A practical understanding of the concrete actions they can take to uplift and engage those they lead by using emotional intelligence at work

  • Deep insights into the positive power they possess to create a culture of caring

  • Strategies to inspire loyalty with their leadership by becoming more present, caring, and compassionate

Reimagining a New and Better Workplace

Outcome: In this empowering, interactive, and hope-filled keynote, Heather provides a roadmap for navigating change with agility, confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

  • Powering through tough moments or times of crisis

  • Fortifying those they lead in preparation for future challenges

  • Seeking to equip their organization to thrive in the long-term

The audience will leave with:

  • An effective framework to more quickly recover from adversity 

  • A high-level roadmap for succeeding with more ease, even in uncertain times

  • A clear path to facilitate change management and collaboration using creativity and innovative thinking

Diversity and Inclusion: How to Build a Culture of Belonging

Outcome: This keynote draws from Heather’s personal experiences as the only child of an interfaith and interracial marriage to inspire leaders to flex their empathy muscles and master the art of active listening to ensure every employee feels valued, respected, and supported. 

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

  • Wanting to build more inclusive cultures of belonging at work 

  • Seeking to honor their colleagues’ diverse experiences and perspectives 

  • Open to educating themselves about other people's challenges through active listening

The audience will leave with:

  • The art of listening as a practical method to elicit feedback and reduce microaggressions

  • A greater understanding of the role they have to play in creating cultures of belonging at work by leading the whole person

  • The inspiration to show up each workday as their most authentic selves

Heather R Younger Videos

Explore Heather’s videos below. She is on a mission to help leaders understand the power they possess to ensure people feel valued at work. Her customized presentations help audiences to shine by improving how they listen to, communicate with, and empower their employees.

In Person Promo Video

Virtual Sizzle Reel

Diversity & Inclusion

Active Listening

Creating a Diverse Culture

A Culture of Listening via a Culture Audit

Heather R Younger Biography

About Heather

Heather R Younger’s expertise in adversity started early. As the only child from an interracial and interfaith marriage, she was shunned and excluded by extended family. While it left her with a lot of questions growing up, it led her to develop a high level of resilience and a deeply inspired commitment to advocate for the voiceless.

She is the founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix (a consultancy firm focused on creating cultures of listening) - an International TEDx speaker on Adversity - Host of the Leadership with Heart Podcast - is certified in DEI and DISC - and an Attorney who worked for years in corporate America. She holds a law degree, is a regular contributor to "Forbes" and "LinkedIn" and is the best-selling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty, which hit the top of the "Forbes Must-Read List for HR Professionals." Her latest best-selling book, The Art of Caring Leadership, teaches the radical power of caring support in leadership and in the workplace.

What is most important to know about Heather is that she brings a breadth of experience, extensive quantitative and qualitative research, and a truly deep passion for advocacy, resilience, human relations, and connection to every audience, every workshop, every consultation.

She’s also a mother of four who, like so many parents and business professionals, gets just how difficult and challenging everything can be – and she’s bringing the solutions and strategies to make change less scary, more manageable, and sometimes – even adventurous! When not working, she is a self-proclaimed soccer mom who eats tons of chocolate for self-preservation.

Heather R Younger Testimonials

Your profound message on The Art of Caring Leadership will continue to inspire our leaders.

Thank you for participating in the Engineer Employee Engagement for All Managers at our DDOT. Your profound message on The Art of Caring Leadership will continue to inspire our leaders as we continue the spirit of engaging our teams across the agency. Caring for those we lead will be key to our reentering workforce and for those who have been on the front lines without having the option to fully retreat to the “stay at home” order. Managers who provide guidance for those brave men and women will need to provide a spirit of leadership with care and compassion.

Stephanie Clark | Interim, HR Manager, Chief Learning and Development Officer | District Department of Transportation

At the end of the discussion, I felt optimistic and enthusiastic to implement and share what Heather had taught me.

I just had the pleasure of listening to Heather’s talk about Resilience Through Change. While the message of the talk was strong and encouraging, it was Heather’s charisma and presentation that really made the topic resonate with me. Heather’s humor and personal experiences kept the presentation fresh and exciting. In addition, while facing the limitations of a virtual platform, Heather was able to engage the viewers and allow for audience participation; helping us (the audience) connect with each other through our responses and experiences. At the end of the discussion, I felt optimistic and enthusiastic to implement and share what she had taught me.

Tammy Salazar, Forensic Scientist, Idaho State Police

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Digital Assets

Heather R Younger Intro

Do you know how to show others that you truly care and are listening to them?

And what about you? Do you bounce back quickly when faced with all of your current challenges?

If these questions appeal to you, then you are in the right place!

Our speaker today is known as the “Employee Whisperer” - is the host of the popular “Leadership with Heart” podcast - is a diversity, equity, inclusion consultant - and a former attorney - please don’t hold that against her.

When not working, she is a self-proclaimed soccer mom who eats tons of chocolate for self-preservation.

Please join me in welcoming from Denver, Colorado, best-selling author and self-professed lover of warm chocolate chip cookies—Heather R Younger!

Heather R Younger Technical Requirements

Heather R Younger’s Technical Requirements - Live Events

Heather’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images, all embedded into her Keynote deck that she runs from her Dell Inspiron 14 5000. 

**Due to the custom nature of her presentation, it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide them prior to the presentation.

Heather's requirements are as follows:

  • Prior to the presentation, a cup of hot black tea with honey and lemon
  • A 16.9 digital data projector, ideally with a HDMI connection
  • 3.5mm sound lead to play audio from her laptop
  • A fold-back screen (a monitor so Heather can see which slides are on-screen from anywhere on stage).
  • No lectern required - please allow for ease of movement on the entire stage
  • A wireless lapel or headset microphone
  • A bottle of water on stage
  • Walk on/walk off song: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor (can be played up to 40 second mark as a continuous or just as instrumental)

SOUND CHECK: Heather requires no more than 30 minutes. The sound check needs to occur within two (2) to three (3) hours of her presentation time.

RECORDING: Heather is happy to be video-taped; a separate Right of Use Agreement must be authorized by the Customer if they are taping her presentation.

Heather R Younger’s Technical Requirements - Virtual Events

  1. Customized Virtual Session – PRE-RECORDED

  • Heather will provide her pre-recorded session five (5) days in advance, as a 4K video file for the client to load into their meeting platform
  • The client will provide the meeting platform of their choice, invite their attendees and screen the pre-recorded video to participants
  • No technical rehearsal is necessary for the digital keynote product
  • Heather will join the virtual meeting for a moderated, live Q & A with participants 
  • After the session, Heather will provide a PDF summary of insights and a planning guide for next action steps
  1. Customized Virtual Session - LIVE

  • Heather will present with a green screen for a chroma-key broadcast where she appears seamlessly in front of animated video slides, or using a monochromatic warm background
  • A technical rehearsal is required prior to the event
  • The client will provide the meeting platform of their choice, invite their attendees and screen Heather live to participants
  • Her ATEM pro switcher allows her multi-camera setup to simply appear as a webcam to your conference platform
  • NOTE: Heather will not provide her slides in advance, as they have been custom-coded and are designed to work as visual aids only
  • After the session, Heather will provide a PDF summary of insights and a planning guide for next action steps


  • Camera A: Logitech Brio 4K web camera 
  • Camera B: Canon EOS 250D / SL3 with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III Lens
  • Blackmagic ATEM pro switcher and hardware streaming encoder
  • 3 Newer continuous LED location lights
  • Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Laptop (for slides)
  • Dell Inspiron Laptop (for accessing the platform)
  • Movo Photo WMX-1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System (2.4 GHz)