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Sean Bott Topics

Connect for Keeps

Attract, keep, and build thriving talent, teams, & organizations


People don't leave companies, they leave management (and really bad jokes). Often people trudge along in jobs where they feel unseen, and where their best efforts go unrecognized. They feel invisible. The tools in his keynote, clinically proven through various therapeutic modalities and self-compassion research, will teach your people how to make others feel understood, connected, and valued. Layer on truly memorable mind- reading moments and a few solid Dad jokes, and this keynote will be the signature event your people refer to again and again.


ROI & Key Outcomes:

  • ​How to interrupt assumptions, fears, and past negative experiences
  •  Leading with warm authenticity
  •  The art of the triple nod
  • Creating a strong social engine for positive momentum in relationship building
  • Increasing discretionary effort
  • Side aches after laughing so long
  • Blown minds!

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Sean Bott Videos

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Sizzle Reel

Mentalist - Comedy - Entertainment

Virtual Sizzle Reel

Sean Bott Biography

About Sean


Spending much of his early life growing up in Saudi Arabia, Sean developed a scorching sense of humor. He began his journey into the delicious art of magic at the tender age of 12 by learning and then performing hypnosis, psychology, and stagecraft at his local library. One quirky magic shop, a degree or two, and more than three pounds later, he can now say he’s been blowing minds, making people gasp and laugh, all while eating curly fries, for over 15 years. Sprinkle on some pit stops at Second City in Chicago to keep his funny skills on point and you’re left with a one-of-a-kind mind reading experience. As you can imagine, all of that heat combined with some childhood trauma, a birth Mom still at large (maybe the rain forest?), and two really weird stepmoms, has given him some anxiety. He has studied cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and self-compassion, feeding his interest in the world of clinical mental health counseling. As that journey continues, Sean combines that knowledge, personal experience and mind-reading, to show us how to create warm connection with other humans quickly and authentically.

Whether building deeper relationships as a leader, working with clients, onboarding new employees, or retaining great talent, the tools he provides, creates spaces of belonging faster and easier than ever before. When Sean engages with your people, from start to finish, his focus is on understanding their pain points and working together towards your desired outcome.

Working with over 1,500 associations, corporations, and universities worldwide including companies like Dell, Google, and Disney, Sean has brought curated content, mind-blowing moments, and bucketfuls of laughs (not chicken) to thousands. 

“Through my study of empathy, psychology, mentalism, and comedy, I provide positive skills and awareness for others to create connection and belonging. I draw on best practices in cognitive behavioral therapy, self-compassion research and social psychology to create an applicable, cohesive tool-set that is actionable, and implementable." 

At home, Sean is owned by two cats, two kids, and a spouse. He’ll walk on a treadmill - sometimes -
and he eats hot soup in the summer.


Sean Bott Testimonials

Believe me, he’ll make whatever it is you need more than you thought it could be! Our guests were blown away by his message, his humor, and his mind reading!”

E-Learning Brothers

Sean Bott in one word is “Unbelievable”.

He’s hilarious, yet brilliant at the same time.  From start to finish I was laughing at and amazed at Sean’s entire performance. I highly recommend not only booking Sean, but also being a part of the experience.”

Justin G, Tarleton

Sean Bott Photos

Sean Bott Intro


If Jack Black, a Jedi, and a Wizard had a baby, it would be Sean Bott.  Our keynote speaker has been described as "A Crazy Blend of Jack Black and Criss Angel." He has appeared on HBO, MTV, NBC, CBS, and with James Franco in the movie "127 Hours." Sean has brought hilarious, mind blowing moments to over 1500 audiences around the world. 

As you can imagine, all of this has given him some anxiety. He has studied cognitive behavioral therapy and self-compassion. Combined with his mind-reading, he will show us how to create warm connections with other humans quickly and authentically.

At home, Sean is owned by two cats, two kids, and a spouse. Please welcome, Sean Bott!


If Jack Black, a Jedi, and a Wizard had a baby, it would be Sean Bott. Our entertainer today has been described as "A Crazy Blend of Jack Black and Criss Angel."  Sean has appeared on HBO, Disney, the Sy Fy channel, and in 127 Hours with James Franco. Sean has helped bring hilarious, curated, mind blowing moments to over 1,500 associations, corporations, and universities worldwide. At home, Sean is owned by two cats, two kids, and a spouse. Please welcome, Sean Bott!

Sean Bott Technical Requirements

Sean Bott's Technical Requirements - Live Events

  • Sean requires one professional level Lavalier microphone with a lapel clip 
  • Two Wireless Handheld Microphones 
  • Two straight Microphone stands
  • A dedicated laptop where the slide deck is integrated into the event flow is preferred
  • Presentation clicker for the laptop
  • Stage 12x8x2 feet high with a good handrail on the stairs
  • Audience tables positioned no further than 10 feet from the stage
  • Whenever possible, having a dedicated Green Room to store any necessary equipment, and await the performance start time is preferred.  Please stock with two bottles of water
  • For audiences over 500, image magnification including at least one dedicated camera and two dedicated projection screens is preferred

Sean Bott's Technical Requirements - Virtual Events

Client's Requirements

  • Sean’s virtual presentation will be hosted on the client’s existing meeting platform, though Zoom is the preference for the highest level of attendee engagement options.
  • The client will create and host the meeting, and distribute the invite to the attendees.
  • Sean has a dedicated in studio producer to assist with moderating throughout Sean’s presentation.

Inside Sean's Studio

  • Blackmagic Atem Extreme pro ISO video Switcher
  • MacBook Pro M1 Max
  • 3 Lumix g85 cameras and 1 Lumix S1H cinema Camera
  • Producer Booth with 40’ 4k Multi View Monitor
  • Rode Filmaker Wireless Lapel system WIth Sennheiser Lapel Microphone
  • Overhead top down Camera setup
  • 8 video inputs for additional feeds including computers and powerpoint presentations as well as video playback
  • 6 channel mixer
  • Canon L series Glass for Camera lenses
  • Aperture 120d key light and Godox Uplights (all CRI 97 or higher)
  • Aperture lightdome soft box key light
  • Gobo bounce for fill light
  • 60’ samsung speaker full HD monitor 
  • Full ethernet Gigabit internet connection
  • Wall powered camera power for continuous feed