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Think freedom to be creative. To be expansive.

To focus on all those things that YOU do best. To have a LIFE.

That’s what you get when cmi manages your business. 

We Help You

  • Increase bookings & fees

  • Multiply sales channels

  • Develop new markets

  • Enhance client relations

  • Access our extensive relationships

To Allow You To Focus On

Influence-2019-Day 4 Breakouts 1-030-5444
  • Content, content, content

  • Intellectual property (books/blogs/vlogs/podcasts)

  • Digital footprint

  • Delivering killer keynotes

We take care of the sales. The marketing. The client databases. The details. The systems. The works.

What Our Speakers Are Saying

They make my business more profitable.

My systems stronger. My client engagement higher. cmi is THE team and partner I could not do without.”

-Tim Sanders

What Our Speakers Say

I could not have built my business without my partnership with cmi. They make my life easier, and most importantly, my client’s lives easier.”

-Mike Walsh

Here's What To Expect Working with a Team of Experts

Karen Harris & Jane Atkinson


Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with an agent or speakers bureau?

Karen Harris and long-time friend, Jane Atkinson break down everything you can expect as a speaker!

They discuss what it takes to work in the speaking industry through Bureaus and Agents and all the details in between.


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What We Do



Digital Development


  • Messaging

  • Positioning

  • Growth strategy

  • Promotional materials

  • Blog/vlog/podcast/articles

  • Social media



Sales and Marketing


  • Promotion to industry events

  • Bureau relations

  • Promotion to cmi’s database

  • SEO

  • Drip marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media

  • Book sales

  • Repeat bookings

  • Graphic design

  • Video editing

  • Email blasts

  • Metrics & statistics





  • Calendar

  • Customer data

  • All inquiries

  • Negotiating/contracting

  • Invoicing/accounts receivable

  • Advancing all events

    (conference calls, sound checks, itineraries)


What's Next?

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