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Turn Your Purpose-Driven People

Into Champions for Culture Change


Learn the art of Caring Leadership! This 32-video series will teach you how to drive profits and productivity by focusing on what matters most - making people your priority.  

If you represent a sales force, a leadership team, a department, or a group of people at work, this is the time for you to step up and step into your full potential as an organization. The self-paced, easy-to-follow series and workbook, give you the essential tools to turn your purpose-driven people into Champions for Culture Change. 



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Get a sneak-peek into the depth, quality, and originality of Heather’s Masterclass.

Section 1 Module 1


Learning How to Lead Yourself First

Section 8 Module 2


The Power of Setting Clear Expectations



“There has never been a more urgent time for this leadership content.”




Is it self-paced learning? 

  • Yes, the masterclass can be completed on-demand and is self-paced.

How do I use this with my leaders?  

  • Use this course as a core training material on your journey to creating a caring culture.

What is the workbook you referenced and how is that used in conjunction with the learning videos?  

  • The workbook is available for sale offering supplementary exercises, thought-provoking discussion topics, engaging quizzes, and reflective questions. 

Is there a curriculum that you have developed on when each module should be completed and actions we can take as a team to ensure we are gaining the most out of each learning module?  

  • Each video has key concepts and takeaways with most including a specific action item. We do recommend that you watch them in the order we provide them. The workbook is a great companion to solidify learning concepts.

How long will it take for me and my leaders to complete the course? 

  • The masterclass can be completed on-demand and is self-paced so time to complete depends on each leader's availability. There are 32 videos that range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes each.

Companion Workbook Available for Purchase

The Leading With Purpose Workbook fosters a culture of caring leadership within your team by encouraging a deeper exploration of the concepts. We will support your people in this endeavor by offering supplementary exercises, thought-provoking discussion topics, engaging quizzes, and reflective questions. These resources will enable your leaders to empower and inspire their team members, ultimately cultivating an organizational environment so fulfilling that individuals will want to stay and customers will rave.




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