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Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Topics

Research-Informed Ideas and Practices for Everyday Resiliency

Everyday Resiliency: How to Master Working and Living Well 


In a world of rapid change and constant challenges, resilience is vital. Join Dr Robyne for a transformative exploration of the five pillars of everyday resilience. This session will equip you with practical tools and strategies to boost both your professional and personal well-being and effectiveness.

Learn how to leverage resilience as your greatest asset in navigating today's dynamic environment. Attendees gain actionable insights that empower them to face challenges with renewed confidence and fully realize their potential to thrive in their work.

Key Ideas and Takeaways: 

  • Recognize, address and optimize everyday stress 
  • Acquire critical insights for why ‘knowing’ better, doesn’t equal ‘doing' better 
  • Discover what helps and hinders resilient practices 
  • Learn how to activate the five pillars of everyday resiliency 

Stress Wisely: The Essential Tools for Living and Working Well 

The Stress Wisely approach is a kind-hearted reckoning against everything we have learned about stress delivered as a knockout punch.  

Dr Robyne, with her signature honesty, humour, relatability and gift of translating scientific research, invites you to lean into the parts of you that intuitively knows there must be a better way to achieve greatness in both livelihood and lifestyle. Using the eight realms of wellness, Dr Robyne presents deep, yet clear and concise, insights and strategies that are instantly actionable. 

Learn to harness stress as an ally, not an adversary, and elevate your capacity for peak performance and resilience. It's time to stress wisely and live well. Audience members learn to transform their relationship with stress, gaining actionable strategies to harness it as a powerful ally for achieving peak performance and enhanced resilience. 

Hope is the Strategy: Actioning Hope for Resilient Organizations 

In times of profound uncertainty, hope becomes more than just an emotion—it emerges as a strategic imperative. Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe's pioneering work demonstrates how hope is essential for organizations striving for greatness. It not only transforms challenges and adversity into resilience but also cultivates environments conducive to innovation, high performance, and sustained productivity. 

This keynote delves into practical frameworks and evidence-based strategies that empower individuals and organizations to navigate uncertainty with confidence and strategic clarity. Participants will learn actionable habits and mindsets that make teams unstoppable, leveraging hope as a foundational strategy. 

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Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Videos

Explore Robyne’s videos below. 

Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Biography

About Robyne

An educational behaviorist (one of very few in the world) and a globally recognized speaker and scholar, Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is also your friendly neighborhood scientist who makes life make sense! With a treasure trove of awards and a worldwide following, she's on a mission to empower audiences everywhere with practical strategies for fostering resiliency and making stress your ally, not your enemy.  

Dr Robyne embodies her teachings by seamlessly blending real-world realities, rigorous research, and profound wisdom with her own personal journey. A mother of three teenagers, a high school dropout turned respected professor, author, entrepreneur and survivor of a life-altering accident, her life story exemplifies her unwavering dedication of spreading resilience. Dr Robyne proves that it is not just a theory, but a transformative skill set.

Known for her engaging delivery, Dr Robyne crafts experiences that integrate scientific research with inspirational narratives into actionable insights across diverse platforms. Her approachability and relatability shine through, inspiring individuals and organizations to face challenges with confidence.

Fueled by historical fiction, coffee, and an unwavering belief that better days are always ahead, Dr Robyne is here to show us that resiliency isn't just a concept— it's a skill set that transforms your work and life. 


Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe


She had people laughing, crying and reflecting on things they are faced with, in their everyday lives.

Dr Robyne was a huge hit! Her ability to shape her presentation to fit the audience was amazing and she had people laughing, crying and reflecting on things they are faced with, in their everyday lives. I had feedback that described her presentation as “moving”, “inspirational”, “thought-provoking” and people shared that they felt her ideas were refreshing and gave them something to try immediately."


Her keynote truly struck a chord with the group.

I had the opportunity to speak with our attendees and the feedback was extremely positive. Her keynote truly struck a chord with the group, and it felt like there were numerous valuable insights that everyone walked away with."


Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Photos

Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Intro/Outro

Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a best-selling author, an award-winning scholar, and a mother of three teenagers. Her journey—from high school dropout to a doctorate degree—embodies resilience in action. Her career has been dedicated to translating her research on resiliency into actionable strategies, inspiring confidence and growth in individuals and organizations worldwide.

Please welcome Dr. Robyne!

Dr Robyne Hanley-Dafoe Technical Requirements

Dr Robyne’s Technical Requirements - Live Events

PLEASE NOTE: Dr Robyne will share her PowerPoint presentation in advance of the event and review during the sound check.

Client Provides

  • A lavalier microphone or headset mic

  • A confidence monitor on stage with presenter view / time clock

  • No lectern required - please allow for ease of movement on the entire stage

  • Screen(s) - as large as the room will hold

  • LCD Projector

  • PowerPoint Clicker

  • Bottled water in the green room and on stage­­­­­­

  • If Dr Robyne is doing Q & A after her presentation, please have handheld microphone(s) on stands or with a runner to enhance audience participation.


  • Dr Robyne requires only 30 minutes
  • The sound check needs to occur as close to the presentation time as possible - within one hour is preferred.


  • Dr. Robyne is happy to be video-taped. A separate Right of Use Agreement must be authorized by the Customer if they are taping her presentation.


Dr Robyne’s Technical Requirements - Virtual Events

Client's Requirements

  • Zoom is Dr Robyne's preferred platform. 

  • The client hosts and moderates the meeting and is responsible for managing the invitations and/or event registration.

  • For Q&A, the client provides a moderator who poses the participants' questions to Dr Robyne. 


  • Dr Robyne will be available for a technical rehearsal 1 hour prior to the event. 


  • Dr Robyne will present her PowerPoint using Zoom (or the client’s platform) and will control her own slides. 

  • Her PowerPoint can be provided after the virtual event as a PDF.


Inside Dr Robyne’s Studio
-Apple iMac (M1, 24-inch) with 1080p FaceTime HD Camera.

-Shure MVi Digital Audio Interface.

-Shure MV7 Microphone.

-Shure Studio Headphones or in-ear monitors.

-Logitech G Litra Beam LM LED Key Lights with adjustable brightness and colour temperature (2700K-6500K).

-Wired Internet connection.

-Height-adjustable sit/stand desk.


-Apple MacBook Air (M2, 15-inch) with 1080p FaceTime HD Camera.

-Elgato or Blue Yeti Nano Microphone.


-Dell OptiPlex PC (Microsoft Windows).

-35-inch Curved UltraWide display.

-Logitech BRIO 4K Pro Webcam.

-Canon EOS M200 Mirrorless Camera.