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Your people already have technical abilities - Vinh Giang's Virtual Masterclass improves communication skills, storytelling and influence


Becoming a better communicator has always been important. Before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and after the pandemic. It’s a life skill that helps amplify your people's impact, both professionally and personally. It’s not a soft skill, it’s an essential skill.
The ability to communicate masterfully isn’t something that people are born with - it’s a skill - and it’s a skill that your people can learn and develop. Every day we communicate, yet this is an axe we rarely sharpen. 

The 80-20 rule states that 80% of outcomes (outputs) come from 20% of causes (inputs). Communication skills are a part of that 20%

The smallest changes in the way your people communicate can have the most dramatic impact upon how your people are perceived.



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“You may be 10/10 with your ability technically, but if your ability to communicate is only 3/10 - do you think people will perceive you to be a 10/10 or a 3/10? You are only as good as you can communicate.” Vinh Giang

So many of your people may be keeping their potential and brilliance a secret by not working on their ability to communicate masterfully. It’s time for them to learn how to amplify the best parts of who they are. 

Here are 4 sample modules of what your people will learn in Vinh's Virtual Masterclass!


Module 1 - Introduction


Module 2 - Vocal Foundations


Module 3 Vocal Mastery


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It’s not just about knowledge acquisition, it’s also about knowledge application."

Vinh Giang




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