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Keynote Speaking Topics

What are the future possibilities and trends for your industry, market or workplace?

Staying ahead of tomorrow's curve is essential to better adapt for hybrid workplaces, assess future talent pools or integrate AI technology. Our speaker experts inform your leaders of future probabilities and deliver real-world strategies on how and when to create necessary changes.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation. Transitioning from what we know current processes to be, to using primarily digital technologies. 

Over the last few years, we have seen the switch to online meetings, working from home and virtual sales. While at first, it seemed like a daunting task to implement, the digital age has allowed many companies, especially newer companies to future-proof their businesses early.

What does the future of digital transformation look like? Some may think it means replacing people with codes and removing their jobs, however, based on our research, there will be little takeover from automation. For those who are bold enough to embrace this next chapter, it looks like a determined team that uses automation to enhance and reinvent current jobs. Using automation to simplify tasks and free up space to enhance productivity rather than replace.

6Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in the workplace is often thought of as using technology to replace employees and in-person experiences. Our speakers educate on that it’s actually the mindset of Digital Transformation that is of utmost importance. The key is to understand that it is a shift from being a business to being a platform.

Our Futurist Speaker Mike Walsh has researched numerous companies’ Digital Transformation. One example he sites is ECOM; they are more than just an online shopping platform for your orders to be processed quickly and virtually. They use technology to understand and learn from every touch point of a consumer, down to the speed of their transaction. Predicting customer transactions, shopping patterns etc. allows businesses to understand their customer's needs through data and enhance their experience virtually. The future of successful businesses are those who use technology to understand progress and risk management while creating new organizations.


Corporate Innovation Trends

Innovation is everywhere. Almost every business has been met face to face with some type of innovation over the last few years. Corporate innovation refers to those companies that are bold, take risks and get creative when it comes to their business development. 

Many however are hesitant because with innovation comes uncertainty. Overcoming the fear of innovation is crucial in ensuring a positive environment is created for innovation to succeed. Many times, organizations, especially leaders, see innovation as a threat to their job, whether it be financial or physical. Innovation should be seen as an opportunity to leverage their current knowledge, processes and finances. 

These companies that think outside the box should also be aware that not every idea will be successful. Jeff Bezos has “zombie hunted” many of his ideas over the last few years as they didn’t prove to be sustainable long term.

Our futuristic leader team will help you understand and process innovation within your organization and industry. 

8Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things - what is it? Essentially, everything you interact with. From your smart devices controlling your car, opening your garage or tracking your heart rate, IoT is a network of devices that share data through sensors. Its platforms act as a place for all the information to be stored and reviewed to enhance efficiency and discover possible solutions you may not even know exist. 

In the business world, IoT is used to simplify processes, speed up systems and connect businesses through all the smart devices we use on a daily basis. 

9Metaverse, AI, VR

Many have a hard time understanding the world of the metaverse. It’s a universe that transforms a room, an experience and soon enough, our daily lives. Consisting of AI, and XR, the metaverse is the technology that creates virtual reality and changes our environment. AI is the technology that mimics humans through learning, intelligence and consciousness. For example, a Google Home can comprehend and respond to your requests even though it is a form of technology. 

XR can be broken down into three systems – AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). These are all different versions that help you interact with a simulated world. 

The crazy part is, that VR has been changing our point of view since the early 90s. This has progressed into a simulated world that is aware of your environment and adjusts itself as needed. 

It’s expected that the virtual world will enhance every aspect of our lives from overly personalized shopping such as 3D models to try on clothes, or virtual reality to customize your car. Similar to currently being able to shop for furniture virtually using your own home, consumer preferences will be taken to the next level through the continual development of AI. So, the question then becomes, how do you adapt to these new technologies?

Our Metaverse speaker, Mike Walsh, can educate you on this controversial topic to help your business succeed with the next chapter of algorithmic development.



Digital Disruption

One of the top buzzwords circling businesses is Digital Disruption. Businesses are finding ways to collect data and amplify consumer experiences through the digital age of technology. 

When we look at what has had the greatest impact when it comes to digital disruption, we need to understand that it isn’t the technology itself, but rather how we learn to implement it into a business properly and promptly.  Any business that is still working with systems that are slow, inefficient or impersonal will be left in the dust by those who are regularly using digital technology to replace and transform their businesses.

While businesses find ways to implement new digital technologies, Gen Z is learning how to perfect them. This generation has been raised through the lens of the next best digital trend. New ways to communicate with real-time virtual games and technology is their standard learning tool.

Our experts in futurist thinking will open your eyes to the thousands of benefits of digital technology and how to prepare for the next generation of successful futurists.