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Keynote Speaking Topics

How Are Women Speakers Making A Difference?

cmi is excited to have amazing, powerful female speakers on our roster who are CEOs of successful companies, and bestselling authors of books that increase business success, promote diversity and inclusion and develop next-level influence and communications.  Their stories, insights and thought leadership inspire and transform audiences globally.



Inspiring Female Authors


Many women have taken their experiences and become inspiring female authors. Our female speakers Stacey Hanke, Diana Kander, and Heather R Younger are all authors who empower people to find their voice, confidence and the courage to be influential in their own way. Speaking to diverse audiences, these three amazing women are taking the world by storm through their books and speaking engagements.

Stacey Hanke, female speaker, influence consultant and author of Influence Redefined and Yes You Can! is a leader in guiding a team or individuals through a step-by-step method for improving influence. Offering immediate takeaways she gives attendees the motivation and tools needed to influence Monday to MondayⓇ.

The female motivational speaker, mother, and New York Times best-selling female author, Diana Kander, speaks to entrepreneurs and leaders about the big questions we’re not asking - questions that would catapult growth and innovation. Her best-selling books, The Curiosity Muscle and All In Startup showcase her personal journey and a commitment to helping readers take the plunge for new ideas, harness employee and customer retention and uncover their best innovative ideas. Her books have been used in over 100 universities in their innovation courses and in countless large organizations to help their employees think more like entrepreneurs.

Heather R Younger, two-time bestselling author of The Art of Caring Leadership and The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty, speaks to the caring leadership style while offering powerful insights on how to develop employee engagement, retention and understanding of your own leadership style.  




Women who are Changing the World


In today’s world, women are becoming top leaders and motivational speakers. Women around the world are taking the opportunity to change expectations and disrupt industries to contribute to the female movement, raise their voices, and take action.

Stacey Hanke is much more than a top female keynote speaker. She has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Economist among others. She educates on how influence is a driver or disrupter in any organization. As she is the CEO of a consulting and training company, Stacey commits her time to properly educating and training organizations and individuals on being more influential. She continues to inspire, motivate and mentor any professional to create a healthy culture internally and externally.

Diana Kander helps foster curiosity to boost innovation, understand customers’ needs, problem solve and future-proof any business. Diana leads by example and uses her own curiosity to push her limits and give back to the community. As a consultant, Diana has helped create multi-billion dollar products, coached boards and executive committees on innovation best practices, and implemented culture transformations. She brings these experiences to each and every keynote, delivering entertaining case studies and perspective shifting stories. As a female keynote speaker, Diana focuses her mindset on being a leader in entrepreneurship by inspiring others to push their limits, prevent stagnation and ensure innovation is at the forefront of every organization.

Heather R Younger is a leading female keynote speaker who addresses employee experience, active listening, diversity, and caring leadership, creating waves in almost every industry. She authentically shares her insights and has been recognized internationally through her podcasts, and keynote speeches. She is the founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix, helping people find their truth personally and professionally. Heather is a LinkedIn trainer; she has been highlighted in articles in the Chicago Tribune, and interviewed on ABC about how she is championing leaders with diversity, communication and positive, safe change. She is passionate about creating change for the better by drawing on her personal experiences as a child of interfaith and interracial marriage. Heather’s goal is to ensure everyone is heard, valued and respected through the art of listening.




Women in Leadership


Women across the world are pushing for change in leadership, diversity and inclusion in the workforce. There has been tremendous progress and women in leadership has become a trend with a force like no other. Together, women have been supporting each other to create a welcoming environment and amplify their roles in leadership. There continues to be a push for gender equality, women’s rights and social and economic diversity, and as women make up the majority of the workforce, more and more women are taking on the role to inspire women in leadership for a stronger future. Successful leadership requires a strong set of skills that Stacey Hanke, Diana Kander and Heather R Younger educate on, as they are women in leadership themselves. These powerful female keynote speakers provide moving keynotes that address skills such as:

  • Communication & emotional intelligence
  • Strong engagement leading to retention and collaboration
  • Leadership identity and leader identity development
  • Unleashing your curiosity to drive organizational innovation

    These women in leadership take on the world and inspire others to do the same.  




Inspiring Women in STEM Careers


STEM, or, science, technology, engineering, and math is an up-and-coming topic in women in business. These four fields share an emphasis on innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking, and together they make up a popular and fast-growing industry.

Women in STEM careers are key for not only cultivating a healthy industry but propelling it to the masses. Female keynote speaker Diana Kander, guides her audience through creating innovation, overcoming obstacles and navigating improvements within an organization. She emphasizes the importance of how traditional management will hinder a company in a hyper-competitive market and provides a framework for success. Diana’s topics include:

  • Unleash Your Curiosity (to drive business growth and innovation)
  • Go Big Or Go Home (5 principles to create emotional customer experiences)
STEM careers are at the forefront of every industry and without them, many companies will fall behind at an accelerated pace. Diana Kander will ensure success through her stimulating keynotes.