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What makes someone a great leader in innovation?

We've all been there- you win the pitch, the game or a free coffee. That feeling of success is empowering. But what if you were only one statistic, one point, or one ticket away from winning next time- are you doing what you can to learn from your current successes?


I want to share with you some research that was done with basketball coaches that had really close games.

They either won or lost by two or four points. When they would lose close games, the coaches would change everything about how they approach the game. What they did in practice, what plays they ran, even what positions the team played. Alternatively, the coaches that won by two or four points, they changed nothing.
Statistically, both of these coaches performed the exact same. Both of them did about half of the things correctly and half of the things could have been done better. Yet when we win, we don't stop and say what could have gone better.
So here is a little innovation trick-question to continuously ask:
How do we learn from the wins?
Everybody has their action reviews when things go horribly bad or we lose a big job. We say "get everybody in the room, let's talk about what happened". But it could be as close on the ones you win. There could be 40 or 50% of the things that you did that could have gone better. When we don't examine the wins, we end up missing huge opportunities to improve.


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