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Posts from Sean Bott

David Stillman and Sean Bott bring new keynotes on marketing strategies and how to mitigate employee burnout.

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Ty Bennett, Mike Rayburn and Stacey Hanke break-down why adaptability is such a key asset on your team.

Watch as Ty Bennett outlines why adaptability is crucial for success in today's world, how Rayburn learned to adapt music to create his "What If" mindset and what to change in your communication skills can lead to greater influence from Stacey Hanke.

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Clint Pulver, Sean Bott and Heather R Younger on how to keep your best people

Hear the #1 reason your employees stay, how to be recognized as a great listener and watch Sean break down the key to strengthening your relationships.

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The Art of Active Listening Is Out Now!

Improve your interpersonal skills to make others feel seen, heard, and valued in every interaction.

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Sean Bott

Speaker, Entertainer, Mentalist 

If Jack Black, a Jedi, and a Wizard had a baby,it would be Sean Bott.

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