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Sean Bott

Speaker, Entertainer, Mentalist 

If Jack Black, a Jedi, and a Wizard had a baby, it would be Sean Bott.

He has studied cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and self-compassion, feeding his interest in the world of clinical mental health counseling. Sean combines that knowledge, personal experience and mind-reading, to show us how to create warm connection with other humans quickly and authentically.

Sean has brought hilarious, curated, mind blowing moments to over 1500 associations, corporations, and Universities worldwide.

Sean's Keynote:

The tools in Sean's keynote shows your attendees how to make others feel understood, connected, and valued.

Attendees are entertained and learn:

  • How to lead with warm authenticity
  • The art of the triple nod
  • How to interrupt assumptions, fears and past negative experiences


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