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Learn what it takes to scale your GenAI pilot to achieve transformative results.

Mike Walsh and Nitin Mittal dive into insights from their Harvard Business Review article, featuring discussions with industry leaders Manuvir Das of NVIDIA and John Murphy of Coca-Cola.


The challenge associated with implementing generative AI isn't limited to merely experimenting with it, but rather, it lies in stopping at the experimentation phase.


While AI-enhanced productivity tools have made significant strides, relying solely on them won't give your organization a competitive advantage. Just as equipping your team with smartphones, email, or internet access is no more strategic than providing basic utilities like electricity or running water, there are three essential factors that drive the successful scale of AI: community, commonality, and coordination.


To harness the full potential of AI, companies should empower their innovators, invest in platform development rather than off-the-shelf products, and prioritize initiatives that deliver tangible impact.

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