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Leaders are not just CEO's, Managers and Directors; they are everywhere in your organization. Are you developing your leaders? Heather R Younger, Phil M Jones and Sean Bott want to teach you the power of being a magnetic leader and what it can do for your company.

More often than not, leadership development can be overlooked; if you are struggling to compete with your market, or your employee retention is low there is one strategy that stands out as a game-changer: leadership development. By investing in the growth and empowerment of your leaders, businesses can harness a formidable competitive advantage that propels them to new heights of success.

Why is leadership development so crucial? It's not just about honing the skills of individual leaders; it's about cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation that permeates every aspect of the organization. Let's look into the three compelling reasons why leadership development is paramount for organizational success:

  1. Boosting Employee Engagement and Talent Retention: Exceptional leaders are magnets for top talent. Their ability to inspire, mentor, and empower employees fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment, leading to higher levels of engagement and commitment.

  2. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Great leadership transcends the confines of the boardroom; it permeates every interaction and experience, including those with customers. Effective leaders create a positive work environment where employees are motivated to deliver exceptional service. 

  3. Facilitating Adaptability and Change: In today's volatile marketplace, adaptability is the hallmark of success. Leaders equipped with robust development tools possess the agility and foresight to navigate turbulent waters with confidence which will translate to their teams.


Are You Decoding? - Heather R Younger

Bringing the best insights from over 25,000 employee stories to the stage, Heather R Younger is a workplace culture expert.  Renowned for her expertise in leadership and communication, Heather teaches on a crucial aspect of active listening: decoding.

She highlights how mastering the art of decoding can not only enhance one's ability to connect with others but also elevate their leadership capabilities. She breaks down the process step by step, offering practical techniques and strategies to help viewers refine their decoding skills. Whether you're striving to strengthen your leadership skills or enhance team dynamics, mastering the art of decoding is an essential step towards fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change.

Through fostering a culture of active listening, leaders can inspire trust, collaboration, and innovation within their organizations.




How Do You Become the Best of the Best? - Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones thinks and acts differently. His precise insights around communication, added to a proven personal pedigree of peak performance and a richness of real-world experience mean that Phil is the kind of thought leader whose counsel is sought by other thought leaders.

At this event, Phil begins by debunking the notion of idolizing individuals, emphasizing his preference for engaging them in meaningful conversations through asking questions. He shares with us the value of curiosity and humility in learning from others, rather than placing them on pedestals. Drawing from his personal experience with Usain Bolt, Phil recounts the pivotal moment when he seized the opportunity to engage the world's fastest man in a conversation. With genuine curiosity, Phil posed two questions that fundamentally went on to change Phil's life on how did Usain become the best of the best?

Watch the video to hear what Usain had to say that essentially changed Phil's life.



The One Quality All Leaders Should Have - Sean Bott

Whether building deeper relationships as a leader, working with clients, onboarding new employees, or retaining great talent, the tools Sean Bott provides, creates spaces of belonging faster and easier than ever before. Leadership expert Sean Bott shares with us the fundamental quality that transcends titles and roles in leadership: empathy.

Sean begins by emphasizing the universal importance of empathy in leadership, asserting that it is not just a trait reserved for CEOs but a crucial quality for leaders at all levels. He underscores the significance of understanding and resonating with the experiences and emotions of others, laying the foundation for trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Moreover, Sean illuminates the role of empathy in creating a sense of comfort and safety within the workplace. He emphasizes the importance of leaders doing their part to alleviate fear and uncertainty, thereby enabling team members to thrive and unleash their full potential.