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At cmi, we understand the power of a vibrant corporate culture. Clint Pulver, Sylvie di Giusto and Tim Sanders are experts in empowering employees to inspire excellence and fuel success.

In the world of business, the term "corporate culture" often conjures up images of boardroom discussions and HR initiatives. However, at cmi, we believe that building a vibrant corporate culture is not just the responsibility of upper management or the HR department – it's a collective effort that involves every member of the organization.

Picture this: a workplace where every individual feels valued, engaged, and empowered to contribute their best. That's the essence of a strong company culture, and it's something we're passionate about fostering here at cmi.

But why is a robust company culture so crucial? Let's explore a few compelling reasons:

  1. Employee Retention: In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is more critical than ever. A strong company culture can be a magnet for high-performing individuals who are seeking more than just a paycheck. When employees feel connected to the values and mission of the organization, they're more likely to stay for the long haul.

  2. Identity and Values: Your company culture is not just a set of rules or policies; it's the heartbeat of your organization. At cmi, we're passionate about growth and learning, and that passion permeates every aspect of our culture. When your company values align with those of your employees, you create a shared sense of purpose that drives success.

  3. Brand Identity: Your corporate culture isn't just internal – it also shapes how the outside world perceives your brand. A workplace that prioritizes employee well-being and fosters a fun-loving atmosphere sends a powerful message to customers and clients. By investing in your company culture, you're not just building a strong internal community – you're also strengthening your brand identity in the eyes of the public.

We'll dive deeper into the elements of a thriving company culture and explore practical strategies for cultivating it at every level of your organization. Because at cmi, we believe that when it comes to building a successful business, company culture truly is everybody's business.


Spark the Possibilities - Clint Pulver

Known as the Leading Authority on Employee Retention, Clint Pulver helps organizations retain, engage, and inspire their team members from the front desk to the board rooms and everyone in between. He expertly helps audiences navigate generational complexities, communication challenges, leadership missteps, and cultural cues.

Clint delivers a powerful message on igniting potential in the workplace and fostering a culture of growth and empowerment. With charisma and insight, Pulver emphasizes the importance of making employees feel valued and recognizing their untapped potential.

He challenges traditional notions of employee retention, asserting that true loyalty stems from a genuine connection between employees and their mentors or managers. He highlights the critical role of leaders in nurturing this connection by actively investing in the growth and development of their team members.

Pulver introduces the concept of a growth development plan, a structured approach to employee development that goes beyond mere job performance. He stresses the importance of setting clear goals for employees and outlines the responsibilities of both managers and employees in achieving these objectives.

Throughout the presentation, Pulver emphasizes the personal aspect of professional development, urging managers to take a genuine interest in their employees' aspirations and well-being. He reminds viewers that what matters to employees should matter to their mentors or managers, fostering a sense of trust and mutual respect in the workplace.




The Power of Choice - Sylvie di Giusto

Sylvie di Giusto takes your organization on an entertaining, spectacular, and thought-provoking journey through the brain, the mind, and from the unconscious to the conscious.

Sylvie delves into the elusive concept of charisma, challenging viewers to explore their own charismatic potential. With a blend of insight and practical wisdom, di Giusto highlights its role in personal and professional success.

Sylvie opens the discussion by posing a fundamental question: do you have charisma? She explores the idea that while some individuals may possess a natural charisma from birth, it is also a quality that can be cultivated and refined over time. She emphasizes that charisma is not merely about surface-level charm but encompasses deeper qualities of character and authenticity.

Drawing on her expertise, di Giusto emphasizes the importance of character in sustaining long-term success. While charisma may propel individuals to the top, it is their ethics, morals, and values that ultimately determine their ability to stay there. She challenges viewers to consider how their own principles and values guide their actions, especially in challenging or uncomfortable situations.

Throughout the video, di Giusto poses thought-provoking questions designed to prompt introspection and self-discovery. 




Unity is Strength - Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is passionate about motivating audiences to move to action. Tim’s mission is twofold: lead professionals to deepen all their relationships through generosity, and then expand their collaborative webs to solve their toughest challenges.

Tim advocates for the power of collaborative problem-solving as the cornerstone of innovation. In this video, he explains that by bringing together diverse perspectives and skill sets, teams can tackle complex challenges more effectively than any individual could alone. Collaboration not only accelerates progress but also fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose. When we collaborate, we amplify our collective intelligence and unlock new possibilities for innovation.

Central to collaborative problem-solving is the notion of focus. Like a laser beam, collective efforts must be concentrated on the task at hand to achieve meaningful results. By maintaining a laser-like focus, teams can navigate distractions and stay on course towards their goals. Whether it's a brainstorming session or a sprint to meet a deadline, focus is the key that unlocks the full potential of collaborative innovation.

The saying "unity is strength" rings true in the world of collaborative innovation. When individuals come together in a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, remarkable achievements become possible.