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Top keynote speakers Heather R Younger, Ty Bennett and Vinh Giang are your engagement experts. Create environments that inspire your team to be fully present and engaged.

Employee engagement isn't just some buzzword; it's the secret to a thriving workplace. It's where your team feels valued, involved, and connected to your goals. It impacts more than just how your employees feel at work but every important aspect of your business, like your bottom line, customer experience, and employee turnover.

You know what they say – engaged employees aren't just coworkers; they're a collective of individuals that go above and beyond, stand by you, and inspire each other.

Let us welcome our esteemed speakers to the stage; Heather R Younger, Ty Bennett and Vinh Giang, are sure to inspire and empower us all on how to elevate that employee engagement factor.



Seek to Understand - Heather R Younger

Heather R Younger is a renowned expert in the field of employee engagement and empowerment. Heather's insights go beyond mere surface-level interactions and challenge us to truly connect with others on a deeper level.

The video opens with Heather highlighting a common scenario we've all experienced – someone carving out a space for us to speak, but their lack of genuine attention becomes evident. Heather emphasizes that true listening is not about merely checking off boxes; it's about engaging the mind, the heart, and the gut. It's about a genuine desire to understand someone else's truth.

Heather asks a thought-provoking question: "How badly do you want someone else's truth?" She underscores the importance of actively seeking to understand and appreciate others, as it creates a profound connection. When someone truly "gets" you, sees you for who you are, and appreciates your unique perspective, it fosters a sense of belonging and trust.

The heart of Heather's message revolves around creating a workplace culture where employees genuinely want to be there. She challenges us to reflect on our role in cultivating such an environment. Heather encourages viewers to lean into conversations, showing engagement through subtle cues like a head tilt and maintaining eye contact. This video serves as a powerful reminder that active listening and authentic engagement can be transformative, leading to a workplace culture where employees are not only heard but truly valued and embraced. Join Heather in this enlightening conversation on how to make a positive difference in your organization's culture.




The Power of Storytelling - Ty Bennett

How do you become more influential? How do you get people engaged and wanting more of what you're saying? Storytelling!

In this insightful video, Ty Bennett takes us on a personal journey through his path to becoming an influential speaker. He shares the secrets of his success, emphasizing that improvement is a continuous process that anyone can undertake. 

Ty candidly discusses his early struggles with presenting. He acknowledges the common hurdles many face, such as using filler words like "uhm" or "you know." It's at this point that Ty decided to take a proactive approach to enhance his speaking skills.

One of Ty's most impactful revelations was the power of self-assessment. He started recording his presentations, a practice that allowed him to spot his weaknesses and eliminate them. By focusing on eliminating filler words, refining his delivery, and enhancing his overall presentation, Ty was able to make significant strides in his ability to engage his audience.

As the video progresses, Ty shares how his consistent efforts paid off. His business began to flourish as he honed his presenting skills. People in his audience started to engage more actively, becoming captivated by his content and delivery.

His story serves as a testament to the potential for growth and transformation when one commits to self-improvement. Ty's journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring speakers and communicators alike.


Conversational Threading - Vinh Giang

In this enlightening video, Vinh Giang takes us on a journey into the world of conversational threading, a skill that can elevate your conversations from mundane to meaningful. Vinh's insights reveal the power of creating conversational threads that keep interactions engaging and flowing naturally.

The video begins with Vinh introducing the concept of conversational threading. He illustrates a common scenario where someone asks a question, and the response provided is a mere one-word answer. Vinh explains that such responses create conversation dead-ends, leaving the other person with no opportunity to further explore the topic.

Vinh emphasizes the importance of providing responses filled with multiple threads. These responses offer not just answers but insights into the "why" and "how" behind the answer. By offering additional information about your life, motivations, and experiences, you provide multiple conversational threads for the other person to grasp onto.

Watch Vinh's video here.