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Heather R. Younger - Be Intentional

By Heather Younger | Oct 28, 2020 | Comments Off

Being more intentional in everything you do will give you great results. Heather R. Younger shares the top three things you can do to be more intentional about during this trying time.


Hello, I'm Heather R. Younger, keynote speaker and author on all things leadership, employee loyalty and engagement. Today I wanted to share just one positive message with you, which is to be more intentional.
Intentional? "What's that?" you might ask?

I don't mean intentional by sitting around in a robe and eating a jelly doughnut, and doing nothing that day. Unlike me...kidding! I don't mean that.

What I mean is to be intentional first in your mindset. And that means before you even go to sleep at night, figure out the kind of day you want the next day. And if you didn't have a great day today, make a decision in your mind that you will not have the same day the next day.

Number two, be intentional in your language. Our words mean everything. And what we say to ourselves and to those around us has a huge amount of impact. So choose to be positive to yourself. Choose to be uplifting to yourself and to others.

And lastly, be intentional in your behaviours. Set a plan for yourself for the day, maybe the night before or the day of, about what it is you want to achieve. And maybe it's not a whole bunch. Maybe it's just getting out of bed. Whatever that is for you during this time. Just be intentional.

Being intentional will make you feel like you've succeeded a lot more during this time when we're all sitting at home remotely. But know that you have the power and the strength to get through it all. But you have to first start with your mind, your language, your behaviours. Your results will all produce great things for you.

In the meantime, be intentional!

Listen to Heather's Leadership with Heart Podcast for more stories on employee engagement, loyalty, and leadership!

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Tim Sanders Podcast

By Tim Sanders | Oct 26, 2020 | Comments Off

The Pandemic may have temporarily shut down live speaking engagements, but it hasn't slowed down Keynote Speaker and Author Tim Sanders from sharing his extensive knowledge of leadership effectiveness, human connection, and business performance.

The current  Vice President of Customer Insights at Upwork, Tim brings all of his life experiences and unconventional yet inspired strategies and perspectives to encourage others to reach their full potential.

One way he spreads his message is through his podcast Back to Better, brought to you by Upwork.

back to better podcast with tim sanders


Along with his co-host Gene Gates, an award-winning radio personality and podcast host, Back to Better tells the story of how companies are learning and growing through the crises of 2020. Podcast guests include leaders, authors and experts who share their perspectives on remote work, digital transformation, dealing with change and adopting the growth mindset.

In one episode, Tim converses with NASCAR's SVP of Marketing about significant changes the sports faced through 2020 and has an in-depth conversation with Blockbuster's last CEO about what went down with Netflix.


Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 2.46.29 PM


Tim is also the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. His publications have over one million copies in print with bestseller status in India, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Denmark.

As a strategic consulting for leading global brands, government agencies, and trade associations, he has helped individuals and organizations tackle marketing innovation, sales performance, talent management, leadership development, and organizational culture. Tim has served on advisory boards for several startups, including Goodreads' social reading website, purchased by Amazon.

Listen to Back to Better for ways you can find inspiration during one of the most challenging years on record!

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The cmi Team & Breast Cancer Awareness

By Felicia Labbe | Oct 22, 2020 | Comments Off

You’d think that writing about breasts would be easy, fun even, but these bouncy, squishy bags that hang off our chests that can sustain the life of tiny humans can also kill us.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aka Pinktober.


If you didn’t already know, cmi is solely owned and operated by women. We are a team of 6 intelligent, hard-working, creative and beautiful humans who happen to have mammary glands. And to support Breast Cancer Awareness, we spent some time decorating bras and learning about breast health.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, and the second most common cancer overall. It is a leading cause of cancer death in less developed countries. The second leading cause of cancer death in American women is exceeded only by lung cancer. There were over 2 million new cases in 2018. 

unnamed (1)2020 has been a powerful reminder that our choices and actions have the power to protect or harm those around us. Taking away the taboo of speaking openly about Boobs and their health, therefore normalizing the jugs, is an essential first step.

It’s estimated that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. A woman’s breast cancer risk nearly doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.



Bosoms, busts, chesticles, jubblies….whatever you want to call them, don’t forget to do thorough self-exams and head for mammograms. Early detection is critical to positive outcomes.

Don’t be a statistic-The Breast is yet to come!

On a lighter note…"do you wear a Titsling or a Brassiere?"

My Post


Vinh Giang - Technical Skills and Communication

By Vinh Giang | Oct 19, 2020 | Comments Off

What I mean by Technical SKE, is it stands for Skill, Knowledge and Experience.
And again, this is a false belief, and I'll show you why in a moment. But magicians believed that for us to become extremely successful in our careers, we need to have great technical knowledge, great technical skill, and great technical experience. And look, this is true. But it's not the complete picture. There's another ingredient you need.

However, because of this belief, magicians spend thousands of hours working on their sleight of hand. So if you join me on another camera for a moment, I'm going to give you a bit of an experience of what sleight of hand and technical ability alone looks like.

If you were here, I'd love to allow you to inspect these cards, and you could shuffle them yourselves. But unfortunately, you're not here. So I'm going to have to shuffle them on your behalf. Now, one of the most difficult things to do sleight of hand wise is to locate all the aces in the pack. So in a shuffled pack, you'll notice there's an ace there, there's an ace, towards the middle, there's an ace to kind of towards the front. And then there's another one somewhere that I have didn't happen to see. But there are four aces. And the idea of this is you give the packet of cards to somebody else, they shuffle it, they give it back to you, you have to locate them in an extremely difficult piece of sleight of hand. So just with technical skill, I will show you what that looks like.

Just like this, this is just technical skill alone, nothing else. And with this, what you have to take away from that is hopefully you can already see that technical skill, technical knowledge, technical experience alone is not enough, especially in the world of magic. And I'm going to relate it to your world in just a moment. But let me prove it to you that this is not enough.

Just having this ingredient is not enough. It's still missing one more ingredient and I'll prove it to you with the following analogy. You see, you may be a 10 out of 10 at what you do technically. However, if your ability to communicate is a 2 out of 10, do you think people then perceive you to be a 10 out of 10? Or just a two out of 10? The reality is you are only as good as you can communicate.

So what that means is you may be an expert. You may have all the value trapped inside of you. But if you cannot communicate that with clarity across to another human being, they will not be able to see your value.




Mike Rayburn- Dr. No VS Dr. How Can We

By Mike Rayburn | Oct 14, 2020 | Comments Off

Are you a Dr. No or a Dr. How Can We?

Toward the end of every presentation, I always ask for someone from the audience to stand up and share a new idea. Maybe something they got from the message or something that would move the group forward to a resolution. And one day, I was presenting for a group of CEOs and facilities managers. I asked that question toward the end, and there's a little bit of a pause.

Finally, this really strong guy raised his hand, he stood up, and he said, "You know, in my organization for the past 20 years, my nickname has been Dr. No, because I'm the guy who always says, No. No, we can't do that. No, we can't afford that. No, we don't have enough time. No, that's too much of a risk."

He said it's not working. He said morale is down, and revenues are down, and something needs to change.

He knew that as a leader, that needs to come from him.

So He said, "I'm saying this so everyone can be my witness. From this day forward, I am no longer Dr. No... I am. Dr. How Can We."

Well, there was an audible gasp in the audience because he got it, and it was so powerful. I ended up giving him my backup guitar to commemorate the moment, which I do now in every program.

I give away a guitar when someone shares an idea. Because it's so important to remember that, especially post COVID-19, we need not just leaders who are Dr.No. We need Dr. How Can We's!

We need entire organizations of Dr. How Can We's! It's my mission in life to create this.

So my question for you is, who have you been? Dr. No or Dr. How Can We?

And how could you become a Dr. How Can We?




Mike Rayburn Takes the Stage

By Mike Rayburn | Oct 11, 2020 | Comments Off

It's been seven months since Keynote Speaker Mike Rayburn and his guitar have been on stage. COVID 19 drastically transformed the meetings, conferences and events market. The entire industry found itself moving, delaying and outright cancelling functions to accommodate the secluded life of quarantine.

While the world learned to connect with people and businesses virtually, we found ourselves missing physical gatherings' simple pleasures. Like Ariel sang in the Little Mermaid, we wanted to be where the people are. We wanted to see 'em dancin' and walkin' around on those (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet, instead of just their far off faces flooding the screens of our handheld devices. After 7 months of conversing with cameras, addressing audiences from his home studio and urging attendees to ask questions in chat boxes, Mike was ecstatic to hop on a plane to Great Falls, Montana and engage directly with people.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.43.54 PM

This two-time TED Talk presenter, successful entrepreneur, member of the speaker hall of fame and a featured artist on Sirius/XM has been on stage almost every week of his adult life until the pandemic hit. Human connection is an integral part of Mike's What If Experience and Become A Virtuoso talk. Still conveyed powerfully through screens, the action only amplifies and strikes a more resonant chord delivered in person.

HubSpot Video


The Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association hosted a noon-hour presentation for their Annual meeting for electric cooperative utilities. There are 25 co-ops in Montana that deliver electricity to about 40% of the state. The Governor gave permission to the cooperatives' association to host the 250 people in attendance. Some masks were worn, and tables were safely distanced from one another.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.45.33 PM

The event was a huge success! One attendee wrote ...

Thank you very much for autographing your book and guitar. I just finished the book and am looking forward to sharing it with my family. As you point out in chapter 16, You Will Have Help!

I have been thinking of what to put on the break room whiteboard at work. I'd been searching the web for something catchy the last two weeks, and now I will be writing 'What if...' and see what employees add. Coincidence? Keep up the great work you are doing."

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Diversity & Inclusion Speaker - Heather R Younger

By Heather Younger | Oct 07, 2020 | Comments Off

What do truly inclusive workplace cultures look like?

They look like places where leaders sit with their people and empathize with them. Where they embrace their people for who they are and what they stand for. They sit with them and ask them how they're doing inside and outside of work.

I know what it feels like not to be included or to feel like I don't belong, from a painful experience in my past. Being shunned from my own family because of what I look like, because of my race. But I use that pain from the past and transform it into a positive catalyst to help leaders understand what they need to do to create inclusive workplaces, where employees truly feel like they belong.

Now, I know right now is a tough time. Many of us don't know all the right words to say. But if we lead first with empathy and compassion, we will all be just fine. Come with me as we explore what it looks like to have a truly inclusive workplace where our employees can finally feel like they belong.




Heather Younger- Getting Unstuck

By Heather Younger | Oct 05, 2020 | Comments Off


Right now, everybody is still freaking out. It's been some months, and with all the unknown and everything that's going on in the market and with the layoffs in business...Coronavirus, are we all going to get it? What's going to happen? Living in constant fear. You know, companies and individuals are having to make a lot of pivots right now. Everyone is just feeling stuck, feeling paralyzed. Layoffs, safety concerns, uncertainty, fear for employees, fear for our families!

So today, what I'm going to do is teach you how to we can get unstuck and create results faster so that we can thrive long term. And, in doing so, we build our resilience so that if this ever happens again, anything like it, we'll be more prepared to get through it. The key, though, is that we cannot succeed or obtain the results that we want unless we muster the courage to face fear and our challenges head-on. And move away from that place of stuck that some of us may still be in.

All signs point to adjusting how we see and respond to the changes and challenges that are right in front of us, right now. So how can we see our challenges in a new and better light and strengthen our resilience muscle?

I bet you what you're thinking is "Is Heather telling us to be rah-rah and just ignore everything that's around us?! Ignore the risks and everything that's happening around the pandemic??!"

Absolutely not. We must understand risk. It's important that we understand what's happening in front of us, but that we don't allow it to overwhelm us or stop us from moving forward on our journey to wherever we were at before the pandemic. So the number 1 reason why most of us fail to see our challenges and our adversity differently is because of the unique lens we bring from our past, often from our childhood.

So this might sound a little strange or perplexing, but the truth is that many of us were raised to think in more limiting ways, and to live in fear of the unknown, of what's happening around us and feeling like we're not really in control. So often it's easier to just face up to the adversity in front of us. It seems easier to just to run away from it, or really to ignore it altogether. And a lot of people do that. They would rather sit in their home, close the door and say, "Okay, when this is over, call me. Call me out!"

But really, to thrive in this type of environment. We all need to know what we're facing and we need to show up differently. Often, you know, casting aside those the old lenses that we have brought with us from our past and replacing them with a new way to see things and conquer our current circumstances.