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Being more intentional in everything you do will give you great results. Heather R. Younger shares the top three things you can do to be more intentional about during this trying time.


Hello, I'm Heather R. Younger, keynote speaker and author on all things leadership, employee loyalty and engagement. Today I wanted to share just one positive message with you, which is to be more intentional.
Intentional? "What's that?" you might ask?

I don't mean intentional by sitting around in a robe and eating a jelly doughnut, and doing nothing that day. Unlike me...kidding! I don't mean that.

What I mean is to be intentional first in your mindset. And that means before you even go to sleep at night, figure out the kind of day you want the next day. And if you didn't have a great day today, make a decision in your mind that you will not have the same day the next day.

Number two, be intentional in your language. Our words mean everything. And what we say to ourselves and to those around us has a huge amount of impact. So choose to be positive to yourself. Choose to be uplifting to yourself and to others.

And lastly, be intentional in your behaviours. Set a plan for yourself for the day, maybe the night before or the day of, about what it is you want to achieve. And maybe it's not a whole bunch. Maybe it's just getting out of bed. Whatever that is for you during this time. Just be intentional.

Being intentional will make you feel like you've succeeded a lot more during this time when we're all sitting at home remotely. But know that you have the power and the strength to get through it all. But you have to first start with your mind, your language, your behaviours. Your results will all produce great things for you.

In the meantime, be intentional!

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