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If ever there was a time for leaders all over the globe to work smarter - from the CEOs of large corporations, to small business owners, to everyone in between – it is right now.

Our businesses are all shifting and adapting to what feels like 24/7 change. For most of our people, that is intimidating and sometimes even terrifying. How leaders communicate and set the stage for success makes all the difference. 

That’s why we asked Tim Sanders - my friend, mentor and the VP of Customer Insights at Upwork - for real-world strategies to lead with more ease, create calm in the chaos, and generate results and abundance – both in mindset – and bottom line productivity. 


Here’s what we can learn from Tim: It’s time to “double down on your one-on-ones”. 

Think about it. Your team members aren’t seeing you around the office, nor are they getting that one-on-one feedback they are used to. While many organizations have all ramped up virtual team meetings, emails, and even Zoom “happy hours”, many people just aren’t getting the “nested” information or nurtured leadership they need to succeed at a high level. Tim calls this “R&R” – the components that build Resilience and Relationships. For that? Nothing beats one-on-one time. In fact, according to the research from Tim’s consulting company, Deeper Media Inc, it is six times more effective than group interaction!

Here are a few strategies that can help: 

1. Conduct weekly one-on-one sessions with each team member and focus on these three questions: 
    1. How’s it going?
    2. What have you decided to focus on this week?
    3. What information and resources do you need to meet this week’s plan?

2. Never cancel or reschedule your meeting. This allows them to feel valued, seen, and heard and helps continuously build trust. 

3. Every month, schedule a one-on-one to look back on the past month’s progress. During this call, give really good feedback on what they can do to improve or maintain their momentum in the month ahead. 

In the video, Tim shares that an Upwork manager refers to the weekly calls as tactical and the monthly as qualitative. As leaders, it is our job to take the helm with high levels of both confidence and communication skills. When we are calm, confident, and committed to delivering what our teams need to thrive, regardless of what the world throws our way, then we are setting the example for everyone in our organization and even for our communities at large. 

Thank you, Tim, for your valued insights on how leaders can help their teams work more effectively from home while still feeling valued and connected. They are amazing ideas for our current climate - as well as strong business strategies when the world shifts again. 

On a side note, I’m extraordinarily proud of my team - they’ve all stepped up to help our keynote speakers, virtual trainers and clients adjust their “sails” during this time of “choppy waters” and change. You all are amazing, and I thank you! 

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