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Top Keynote Speakers and Trainers With Exceptional Virtual Experiences!

COVID-19 has forced all organizations of every size into a new reality and left leaders from around the globe facing some of the biggest challenges of our time. For decades, organizations and leaders have relied on live events, conferences, and meetings to help them educate and grow the people in their organization plus give them the tools they need to produce at peak performance levels and increase their customer base. That is no longer a viable option – and may not be viable for some time to come.

The big question is - how are you going to do all the things that you used to do at a live event?

cmi’s keynote speakers and trainers can help! We’ve got the world’s leading training experts ready to help your team to:

  • Share your vision – which has probably changed
  • Reveal new initiatives – which may never have been done before
  • Launch new products – in a time when we may be afraid to sell
  • Elevate communication skills – when we so need to retain and attract customers
  • Engage your remote team - with powerful mindset and business skills to ease fear
  • Encourage innovation and creativity to sustain competitive advantage
  • Fuel confidence and resilience in the face of massive change
  • Feel seen, heard, engaged, and motivated

Our speakers deliver powerful virtual experiences, training, tools, hope, inspiration, motivation, and even entertainment to audiences that truly need all of these things and more right now.

You might be thinking virtual meetings are BORING – especially for team members who might be feeling a little Zoom-ed out and tired of seeing someone lecture from a desk while staring into a laptop camera with the proverbial staged bookcase behind them.

Not when you choose a cmi virtual experience. Nothing ho-hum here! Our team is taking things to an entirely new level!

These are just a few items you can expect from our keynote speakers, trainers and workshop presenters in a virtual experience:

  • Broadcast studios with multiple ‘sets’
  • Multiple cameras with professional switching
  • Professional studio lighting
  • Professional sound
  • AND a moderator to ensure amazing engagement with your participants

Plus -- each of our presenters are highly skilled at tailoring their message to your organization’s needs, goals, and objectives. The research and preparation that they devote to a live speaking engagement is an integral part of each virtual experience.

cmi is proud to represent these individuals who are providing the most advanced and empowering virtual experiences available today. Please review these talented offerings by clicking through the images below!

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