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Have you ever attended a two-day training session that left your brain totally fried, yet you felt exhilarated and thirsting for more? That’s what I experienced at the Exactly What To Say Certification with Phil M Jones. 

Four years ago, I read a little book by the same title. Ever since then, I’ve been using the word phrases shared in that book in my daily conversations. Last week in New York, I had the absolute privilege of learning just how profound those words are and exactly how little I knew.



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You may know about the various brainwave states: Beta is when we’re in action mode; Alpha is when we’re in planning mode; Theta is when we’re creative and Gamma is when we’re in the ‘flow.’ Little did I know that the word phrases, the structure and the sequencing Phil teaches in the Certification speaks to these brainwaves, which helps us to walk our conversations through the various states, resulting in # 6 outlined below. 


We all have critical conversations every day – with a loved one, with a co-worker, with a client. Here are 6 key learnings about how to get better at these conversations:

  1. Don’t try to do it all. Identify 1 conversation from your personal, leadership and sales life and start to work on those 3. When you’ve got those, identify 3 more.
  2. Girl, there is a sequence to follow – now I know where, when and how to use the word phrases to move a conversation forward.
  3. Prepare! “Do the work before the work” says PMJ - I cannot write, perform and edit my conversations at the same time – that means practice and prepare – duh.
  4. We’ve all heard this - decisions are made from emotion – the truth is they’re made from emotion AND logic – i.e. it has to feel good for the logic to make sense.
  5. Don’t be so certain all the time - when I think I know their answer, ask 3 more questions.
  6. We are decision catalysts – we’re in the business of helping others make decisions – that’s it – that’s all. If I approach every conversation with that intent, I’m a winner.


If you truly want to have more meaningful conversations that result in getting better at communicating your ideas to a loved one - leading your staff when they’re performing great (or not so great) – and accelerating the speed by which your customers make decisions – then buy AND read this little book and register for the personal Exactly What To Say Certification with Phil M Jones! If you would like to learn more about having Phil provide Certification for your team, click here for my contact info.