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Why are communication skills so important? Why is it so important for leaders to train their “leader's instrument”?

I was super fortunate to be able to speak at the CFO summit for LinkedIn. It was really cool speaking for LinkedIn, because it's one of the platforms that I use to produce a lot of content. LinkedIn has definitely helped me create the lifestyle and speaking career that I have now. I spoke to the leaders there on a very specific topic: why it's important that leaders learn how to master effective communication skills.

Here is what I told them…

There are three reasons why communication is so important and how to improve your communication skills.

The first reason why strong communication skills are so important is: you’re only as good as you can communicate.

As you improve your ability to communicate, you reveal potential to others and you're able to amplify the best parts of who you are.

When we communicate our ideas or our vision, and people don't buy into that idea or that vision, the reason isn’t because it was bad. It’s because our ability to communicate that idea or vision is bad.

When you improve your communication skills, it allows you to amplify the best parts of who you are. That's what makes you a successful communicator.

The second reason is, as a teacher, when I run my workshops, I tell my students the following:

“I see all of you in the audience as an island, you're one person on their own island, every single one of you. It's quite tragic and lonely, I know. Depending on how well I can communicate, I build a bridge to you. If I communicate poorly, then my bridge is small and tiny, and the amount of value that I can transport is minimal. Whereas if my ability to communicate is strong and powerful, I can build a very big strong bridge and the amount of value I can deliver across that bridge to you is enhanced.”

When we think about collaborations, the stronger the bridge, the more value I can transport across when we collaborate. Therefore, collaboration is enhanced when communication skills improve.

And the final reason is that as leaders, you often need to get others to do the work you need them to do. This is the key instrument we use to connect with others.

When others connect with our vision, when they connect with our message; they give you their own. Yet this instrument we've never been taught how to use.

Until now!

When you book me for a keynote, you have the opportunity to also book my breakout session - Creating Communication Magic. Here is where I teach your audience the skills to use their greatest instrument - their voice.