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Help your audience take control of their narrative.

Use emotional intelligence to build lasting connections and drive results. 

Well-versed in the study of social and cultural norms, personal beliefs and values, cognitive biases and thought patterns, Sylvie's 20 years in learning and development leaves a deep understanding of how ‘The Power of Choice’ impacts sales, leadership and growth.

With a good dose of fun, she teaches Modern Emotional Intelligence—visual, behavioral, verbal, digital, and social intelligence. Sylvie gives her audiences a conscious decision-making framework to enhance our perceptions, behaviors, and outcomes.

Watch Sylvie's sizzle reel below.


"I am still at a loss of words for how incredible, warm, real, and engaging Sylvie is. She is truly one of, if not the best, speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and engage with."

Keri Gloth | Senior Event Producer | The Special Event Company

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