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"All selling is, is earning the right to make a recommendation."

Phil M Jones gives us the Magic Words for Influence and Impact, from his best-selling book "Exactly What to Say."

Curiosity is the first ingredient required to have success in every critical conversation. Have you ever spoken to someone who had an “I know best” mentality and style of communication? They are so certain and the more certain that they are, the more you become uncertain. The more you project your knowledge on someone else’s circumstances, the more you lose credibility.

We all have a lot of knowledge that we are experts on, that we believe is unique and we want to share with others. But, without their context it is just noise. When we show up with curiosity we earn something magical; we earn the information that matters to them.

We never ask someone to take an action unless we can say: "Because of the fact that you said blank, that is the reason I am recommending blank." The only way you can fill in those blanks is to be curious for long enough to fill in those blanks.


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