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“The thinking that got you where you are today, will not get you where you want to be.” -Albert Einstein

The mindset of your teams essentially defines your culture, and shapes all of your results. So, how do you shape the mindset of your teams?

Simple, by asking Questions. 

Follow me here… 

To change anything, the first thing that has to change is our brains, the way we think. And the most basic human brain function is to ask questions.

So, when we actively and intentionally choose the internal questions we ask, we shape our inner dialogue, which determines our mindset, which determines our results. 

For instance, if something unpleasant happens in your organization you and your teams could ask, “What’s wrong with us, who’s fault is this, why do these things always happen???” And the collective mindset will be to answer that question.

Or instead, you and your teams can be trained to ask, “What if there’s something good about this and what would it be? What is the opportunity or advantage here?” And the collective mindset will answer that question.

Your organization could have a list of all the negatives or the advantages and opportunities surrounding you based purely on the question your teams choose and have been trained to ask. 

I love the question, “What IF?” because it always opens opportunities. 

Think about it… every major invention, achievement, or victory in human history started in some way or another with a bold “What IF?” question. 

  1. What if… electricity could power light? 
  2. What if… we could fly?
  3. What if… we could hold all the world’s knowledge in our hands?
  4. What if… we could shop completely from home? 

At this time of crisis and disruptive change, it’s time for you and your teams to lead, to become the disruptors. And you have all you need right now… you just need to adopt “The What IF Mindset.” 


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