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There are countless competent people in this world, but there are precious few virtuosos.
A lot of time, practice and self-awareness can take you to that next level.

On today's episode...

GC episode 5 FINAL

Mike Rayburn and Vinh Giang will leave you inspired to do the hard work, as they explore how to become a master at your craft.

After all, when you look back at your life, there is almost nothing that you're proud of, that was easy.

Mike Rayburn is a TEDx Presenter who teaches innovation, change and peak performance using world-class guitar and humour to create a transformational experience and generate exponential results. When organizations need innovation, change and peak performance, where do they go? Usually to business leaders, authors, or famous sports figures. Rarely do they go to artists! Yet, for artists, innovation, peak performance, and change are their lifeblood. Being a mega-successful artist and an innovative entrepreneur, Mike Rayburn is uniquely qualified to teach artistic principles in a business context and give businesses and teams the edge they need to perform like virtuosos.

For more than 15 years, Vinh Giang has pursued his passion for MAGIC. This mesmerizing, mysterious art form can compel audiences to shift perspectives, suspend disbelief, entertain with wonder, and inspire people in extraordinary ways. It is his exciting privilege to share this fascinating art with people all over the globe. Vinh is one of the world's top keynote speakers. There are common threads between the worlds of business and magic. Timing. Practice. Skills. Connection. Momentum. Persuasion. Perspective. Influence. Vinh has made the art of weaving those threads into messages that matter. Every year he speaks to over 100,000 people at 80 events around the world.



  • The importance of practicing the things you don't like to do
  • Learn how to build greater self awareness
  • Find skills and capabilities you didn't know you possessed
  • How becoming a Virtuoso creates job security and personal growth

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