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Welcome to The Growth Connection, a podcast to help us all look forward to this year with a growth mindset. We'll feature interviews with cmi's elite roster of experts in the areas of diversity, leadership, the future, mentorship, performance, teamwork and inspiration.

On today's episode...

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cmi's CEO and Super Promoter Karen Harris and keynote speaker, author and former Blue Angel Pilot John 'Gucci' Foley sit down to discuss the Glad to be Here mentality and get to one another on a deeper level.



  • Learn how John Foley got the call sign Gucci and what it was like filming the Top Gun movie.
  • Explore how the Glad To Be Here mindset can change not just your professional life but your personal life
  • How to find different and unique ways to increase communication between leaders and employees while converting to the virtual world
  • Why you have to start looking inwards to see an outright result

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