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The Ripple Effect by Chris Bashinelli

By Chris Bashinelli | Jun 07, 2021 | Comments Off

"Working with students and educators gives us the ability to affect change on a profound level."

What’s most inspiring to me about working with educational groups is the “ripple effect.” Working with students and educators gives us the ability to affect change on a profound level. Student's minds are malleable and still open to new ideas. The older we get, we sometimes get fixed in our ways, unwilling to look at the same problem from a new angle. Students however, are often willing to take a much more fresh and open approach to learning and problem-solving. In this way, they teach us much about adaptability and understanding.
When we can introduce new and positive ideas into young minds, the ripple effect of that learning can have a more profound impact than we could ever imagine. Because that change happens at an early time, it has the ability to influence a student’s direction for the rest of their lives, and all of the people they encounter throughout their life. This change can positively impact one’s career, family life and even an entire community. 
Educators are like farmers - the seeds they plant have the ability to have inspiring benefits down the line, which we may not be able to see right now. It’s a ripple effect because the ideas the teachers and educators present to their students have the potential not only to impact their student's lives directly, but all of the people they encounter throughout the course of their life. In this way, a single workshop, story, video, lesson or even a single idea is like a stone being dropped into a lake. Although we can only see the immediate waves of change that result from that stone, the positive ripple effect can extend beyond even the limits of our imagination. 
My hope with these educational workshops is that we can bring an accessible approach to inclusion and diversity that helps us not only accept, but truly appreciate each of our cultures as a way to celebrate our shared humanity. I hope we can bring an easy to understand approach to mental health that gives students and educators the tools they need to reduce stress and increase peace. Finally, I hope the workshops remind us of our own deepest truths, so that we have the courage to share them with the world.
I look forward to meeting you soon,


Live from Chris' Studio - Chris Bashinelli

By Chris Bashinelli | May 11, 2021 | Comments Off

"The Well-Being and Mental Health of your teams are Paramount to the Success of Your Organization."

Chris Bashinelli walks you through his personal and production studio in New York City where he delivers uplifting virtual keynotes directly to his audience. Bash's virtual presentations are recorded on an ultra-high-definition 4k camera, with all audience playback on a dedicated monitor, and a fully dedicated recording space with an on-site producer to ensure that everything runs smoothly. His virtual sessions are customized to meet your specific business challenges and fit your company culture.

Chris empowers people and business teams to restructure the way they view the world, beginning with themselves. He also shares the real-life tools that deepen concentration, connection and inspiration – right from his virtual office.

Bash has traveled the world as Host of Bridge the Gap, a television series featured on PBS and the National Geographic Channel, where he discovers what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. 

Top THREE reasons why people LOVE working with Chris that include:

  1. He curates a unique experience through interactive exercises
  2. He engages in breakout sessions to strengthen relationships
  3. He provides exclusive videos from his National Geographic and PBS Productions

Bash’s keynotes and training will help your business teams transform their connection, overcome anxiety and stress, and increase confidence, providing more present teams for your organization. Book him for a custom, virtual or in-person presentation today!



How to Create Authentic Connections

By Chris Bashinelli | Sep 22, 2020 | Comments Off

Creating an authentic connection with others can be tricky. Understanding the other person's experience, not the image we think their life is, is what it's all about. How do they actually feel?
Chris Bashinelli explains why connecting with others' experiences is vital.

One of the best ways to deepen our connection with one another is to do our best to understand the other person's experience, not the image of what we think their life is about.

When we look at someone and say, Oh, I wish I could travel like this person, or I wish I could be in a relationship like this person, I wish I could live in this type of house in this type of city and have this type of job.

It can be a very objectifying experience. We're actually removing ourselves from the other person because we're comparing ourselves only to the image of what we think their life is about. Not to the actuality of their experience.

When we can interact with others and do our best to understand their experience, not the image of what we think their experience is, then we can actually build connections. How does this person actually feel when they're travelling? What is this person's experience in their relationship with their family? In that house? In that type of job? Then we're not comparing ourselves to that person's image. We're not trying to understand their image, which is objectifying and creates separation between us and them.

What we're doing is we're creating a direct connection to their experience, and that person feels seen. That person feels heard. And we can actually build humanity, authentic connection with one another.


Embracing Change in Our New Reality

By Chris Bashinelli | Jun 03, 2020 | Comments Off

"It's not always possible to change the world, but it is always possible to change ourselves."

How do we move forward in our new global reality? In this new video from Chris Bashinelli, he sheds light on how we can embrace change and find the courage to transform our lives in the face of massive global upheveal.

Keep an eye out for Chris Bashinelli's NEW virtual offering. Coming soon!


The 3 Steps to Connection

By Chris Bashinelli | Feb 19, 2020 | Comments Off
HubSpot Video

The 3 best ways to connect with others and ourselves

There's a moment when we are interacting with someone. All of a sudden, our understanding of that person in front of us shifts from an intellectual idea to a feeling in our heart. It’s a feeling of connection and empathy.

What is the best way to connect with people? I’ve broken it down into three simple steps.

  1. Awareness. Have awareness as we interact with each other. If we say something inappropriate, if we do something inappropriate or if we know we're going in a direction that is not beneficial the first first step is always awareness. 
  2. The next step is acceptance. We must accept where we are, we must accept what has happened. 
  3. Number three, we must have courage. Courage, coming from the Latin word for “core”, meaning from the heart. We must have courage to think differently. 

How often do we get into fixed ways of viewing others and fixed ways of viewing ourselves? 

What my keynotes are about is giving ourselves permission to see others differently and to see ourselves differently. To do that takes courage and connection.


The 3 Qualities of Global Citizens

By Chris Bashinelli | Dec 11, 2019 | Comments Off

Chris Bashinelli describes the importance of tying our purpose into a purpose that is greater than ourselves.




Mindfulness at work creates ideas

By Chris Bashinelli | Dec 11, 2019 | Comments Off

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It's not about working harder. It's about working smarter. I'm going to propose an idea: take five focused minutes at the beginning of each day. Sit down at your computer before you start working. Sit down and breathe. Close your eyes if possible, and see what ideas come to you. Rather than going with that initial urge to check email, to respond to text messages, allow some space and ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I have to do today?”. Or perhaps don't ask yourself anything, just allow the space to be there. That space will translate in the next few minutes to the most important task that you have to complete that day. Or maybe it will arise in the form of a new idea.

This is called mindfulness and it can be incredibly beneficial during our work lives. According to an article in Mindful.org,at times of excessive pressure at work, practicing a short mindfulness exercise can be a savior.” Most find the slow-down a struggle but it can lead to incredible results in our day-to-day lives. The more you do, the easier it will be. 

Slow down, be mindful for new ideas 

It's easy to keep yourself busy. It's easy to work 10 or 12 hours a day. It's easy, but perhaps it's not the wisest thing to do. What's wiser is to give yourself some space in your life where you can allow new ideas to come, where you can allow your creative expression to come through. Some of the greatest ideas I've had, some of the greatest exercises, some of the greatest stories haven't come when I'm sitting down at my desk writing and responding to emails. They've actually come after I finish eating breakfast or when I'm out for a hike allowing what I've been focusing on and thinking about, to bubble to the surface with a new idea. 

If we're always busying ourselves we will never actually be aware of that bubble when it pops to the surface. To be aware of that idea and aware of that bubble, we have to create mindful space in our work-life, where we can allow those ideas to surface. It can lead to greater results than you thought possible.


What Is A Leader's Role In Making Meaningful Connections?

By Chris Bashinelli | Oct 02, 2019 | Comments Off

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 10.51.07 AM

A leader is someone who is an example for others to follow. How do we become an example for others to follow? How do we, as leaders, create meaningful connections with others? We have to be committed to a mission that is beyond ourselves. That is greater than ourselves. 

When we're committed to a mission that is beyond ourselves, then it doesn't matter what happens to us, it doesn't matter what challenge comes our way, because that becomes fuel for us on our path and makes us stronger. That only inspires us. It creates empathy within us so that we can make deeper, more meaningful connections with others. 

There's a perception that we're connected, but many people feel more lonely and disconnected that ever. This is especially true in remote work environments. A leader's role, especially when leading a team where some members are remote, is to build meaningful connections that engage and motivate people.

How does a leader make meaningful connections with others? 

The real secret to making meaningful connections with others is to not want anything from them. That's the most important thing in the world; to not want anything from others, except for their wellbeing. We run into trouble when we are making connections with a subconscious intention to only benefit ourselves. Of course we want a beneficial outcome. We want to support our families, we want to make an income, we want to make a profit. But that can't be our driving motivation in connecting with others. That’s not impressive. What's really impressive is connecting with others without any selfish motivation. And that's difficult to do. 

Leading an inspired life

The real work is connecting with others solely to benefit them. Any profit, any gain is really a side effect of our wanting to help them. The way that we inspire others is by leading an inspired life. It all goes back to that commitment to a mission that is beyond ourselves. That's how we can inspire others—when we're inspired. That's how we make our team inspired. 

People don't want to be influenced, people don't want to be manipulated, and people are not going to follow us because we want them to follow us. People are going to follow us because they see that we're altruistic, that we're inspired, that we're committed, that we're on a path. That is what will inspire better team performance and positive business outcomes.

Our differences are our greatest strength

By Chris Bashinelli | Oct 02, 2019 | Comments Off

What if by embracing a unifying perspective inclusive of all beliefs, backgrounds and cultures, we created a more powerful team than ever before? Chris Bashinelli shares how we can create safe spaces at work to share ideas and connect with each other. In an age of division, Bash brings to life a transformational and inclusive perspective, that embraces all of our “uniqueness” to create the strongest team possible.


Turn Challenges into Accomplishments

By Chris Bashinelli | Jul 16, 2019 | Comments Off

Learn more about Chris Bashinelli and cmi’s other top keynote speakers.