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Mike Walsh - Technology and Culture

By Mike Walsh | Sep 30, 2020 | Comments Off


COVID-19 forced students and educators into the unknown world of virtual education. Futurist and keynote speaker Mike Walsh explains that there is no "remote learning." It's simply "learning."

Watch Mike ponder some of the fascinating things the current crisis has forced educators to recognize and see the cracks in how society thinks about remote learning.

One of the fascinating things about the current crisis is how much it forced us to realize the cracks in the way we thought about remote work and remote learning. And, you know, for some people working from home was actually… Well, it was working from hell. And the same thing applied to many parents who now had to deal with the realities of trying to deal with a blended learning model, technology and their kids being home permanently.

As we move into the future, though, it's increasingly clear that the video technology behind this, is not the hard part. I mean, zoom is nothing new. I mean, what you see here is that NSA video phone from 1960. I actually found prototypes of video phones going all the way back to AT&T in 1930. So if it took 90 years for us to get our act together with using live video technology, it probably wasn't the technology that was holding us back.

What was holding us back was essentially, culture. You see, technology can change the hardware of your school, or your educational facility. But true transformation, requires you to rethink culture, because culture is your operating system. When I say culture, I mean, the way your teachers interact with students. The way they interact with each other and faculty. The way that principals interact with you as leaders. In the end, it's the system of interactions that really drive success or failure of your transformation.



How to Create Authentic Connections

By Chris Bashinelli | Sep 22, 2020 | Comments Off

Creating an authentic connection with others can be tricky. Understanding the other person's experience, not the image we think their life is, is what it's all about. How do they actually feel?
Chris Bashinelli explains why connecting with others' experiences is vital.

One of the best ways to deepen our connection with one another is to do our best to understand the other person's experience, not the image of what we think their life is about.

When we look at someone and say, Oh, I wish I could travel like this person, or I wish I could be in a relationship like this person, I wish I could live in this type of house in this type of city and have this type of job.

It can be a very objectifying experience. We're actually removing ourselves from the other person because we're comparing ourselves only to the image of what we think their life is about. Not to the actuality of their experience.

When we can interact with others and do our best to understand their experience, not the image of what we think their experience is, then we can actually build connections. How does this person actually feel when they're travelling? What is this person's experience in their relationship with their family? In that house? In that type of job? Then we're not comparing ourselves to that person's image. We're not trying to understand their image, which is objectifying and creates separation between us and them.

What we're doing is we're creating a direct connection to their experience, and that person feels seen. That person feels heard. And we can actually build humanity, authentic connection with one another.


The Emmy goes to...CLINT PULVER!!

By Clint Pulver | Sep 22, 2020 | Comments Off


"Hello, and welcome to the Pandemmys!"

That's how host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off The Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday September 20, 2020 in Los Angeles. Covid19 has drastically changed how award shows air, but as they say in show business, the show must go on!

So The Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, a division of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, went virtual too.

From ABC's American Housewife, Daniel DiMaggio announced Clint Pulver's nomination for Clint Pulver: You're Not a Problem...and he won!

Join us in congratulating EMMY WINNER Clint Pulver!


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Techniques to Connect Effectively on Camera

By Dan Thurmon | Sep 15, 2020 | Comments Off


Read instead of watch:

Here's some of the principles that we typically talk about regarding on-camera excellence and building your on-camera persona. I feel like there's a version of us that we have to think about when we're on screen, and how that version comes across.

You know, one of the things we've all heard is “You’ve got to love the lens”! You’ve got to look right into the lens of the camera, and it’s just so unnatural. It's counterintuitive because we want to watch people and so you find you watch their little pictures on screen and see what they're doing and what their body language looks like. That's what we've been told in all our training classes for so long.

“You’ve got to watch people” but it's not accurate. If you want them to feel like you care about them, like they really matters to you, you have to ignore their picture completely. Just pour yourself into that camera lens and let them watch your picture.

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How to Navigate the Racial Divide at Work

By Heather Younger | Sep 09, 2020 | Comments Off


Read an excerpt from Heather Younger's blog below and follow the link for the full post.

"The other day, I hosted a LinkedIn Live to discuss the racial divide and how we can all show up as better humans in these turbulent times – particularly in the face of people who are demanding less talk and more action. 

As an African-American woman, I believe we MUST continue to have these discussions, because they need to remain top of mind. We have to remember that this is not just another news cycle. This is a reality for so many."

Read Heather's full blog post here for her top takeaways on how to navigate the racial divide at work.

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Three Moves EVERY Successful Company Is Making - Mike Rayburn

By Mike Rayburn | Sep 02, 2020 | Comments Off

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The teams, companies and organizations who are thriving right now are all doing these three things:

  1. They discover new opportunities, particularly trusting their front lines.
  2. They change quicklydrastically streamlining their processes of development and implementation.
  3. They act decisively, with extreme determination, allowing autonomy in stepping beyond what they’ve done in the past.

Here is what YOUR GROUP needs to be doing right now:

1. Discover opportunity through frontline innovation: Your teams, sales people, service providers, frontline associates see what is happening in real time. They see the daily needs of your customers and clients. So… why not trust them? Why not encourage their input, their connections with the full needs of the customer, not just what they’ve always done? Why not grant them the authority and autonomy to serve beyond what they’ve done before? Instead of a formulaic drone response, why not dig deeper, expand your offering, care for the full needs of your customers?

Solution: Arm team members with the “What IF?” Mindset. What IF… your teams expand from “service providers” to “problem solvers?” What if instead of doing what you do, your teams do whatever needs to be done? What if you used a given product or service in a new way? What if you could solve the entire problem, not just the one you've always solved, how would you do it?

2. Change quickly. This requires first a mindset change, which leads to a change in actions. Regard people who are uncomfortable with change as being uncomfortable with success, but humanize the change by talking openly about their fears regarding change, balanced by the great results which come from it.

Solution: Arm team members with the mindset to “create change" or "lead change" instead of just managing or embracing it. The questions What IF and What NOW??? work amazingly here. Create a sense of openness and urgency to change.

3. Act decisively. Decide and act. Determine your next course of action, your "change," allow some due diligence, but cut through your bureaucratic crap, lose the fear-based thinking and get on with it. Yeah, you need to be a bit less cautious. Not stupid, but bold.

Solution: Imbue your teams with the “Succeed Anyway” mindset. We’ve never done it? Succeed anyway. We don’t have enough money? Succeed anyway. It’s an untested solution? Succeed anyway. This is what is working right now. From Walmart and Amazon to Orkin to credit unions to your local churches and schools, those who are successfully navigating a post-pandemic world have the mindset to 1. Discover opportunities; 2. Change quickly; and 3. Act decisively.


Consistency in your thinking - Mike Rayburn

By Mike Rayburn | Sep 02, 2020 | Comments Off


Read instead of watch:

I'm out here in the Arizona wilderness and I'm struck by something that might sound kind of unusual; the power of consistency. I believe it's the most powerful human force on the planet.

Here's what I mean: water and wind blowing consistently over rock has done more to change the earth than all the earth moving and blasting equipment ever.

Investing a little bit of money each month has done more to create wealth than all the Vegas lottery winnings in the world.

What is it that you do on a consistent basis that improves your life and consider what you do on a consistent basis that might not improve your life? I want to share with you what I believe is the absolute most important consistent habit - your thoughts.

What is it you think about on a regular basis? I believe you get what you think about most often.

I want you to take intentional control of your thoughts and do it on a consistent basis.