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Phil M Jones Chosen as One of Nine Thought Leaders to Launch New Audible for Business Series

By Phil M Jones | Jun 24, 2020 | Comments Off

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Amazon Audible team chooses business consultant and best-selling author Phil M Jones as one of only nine thought leaders to launch new workshop series on all new Audible for Business app.

This exciting new tool and series of workshops are designed to help business professionals and teams of all sizes develop the skills and mindsets necessary to compete, grow, and master new proficiencies amidst these challenging times of change.

In his powerful workshop, Three Tools for Tackling Tough Conversations, communications expert and keynote speaker Phil M Jones pulls out all the stops to share how curiosity, empathy, and courage are foundational cornerstones to turning conversations – even delicate or thorny ones – into successful interactions, win-wins, and leadership opportunities.

Phil is extraordinary at helping audiences break down complex conversations and relationship-driven concepts into easily actionable and understood methods,” shares Karen Harris of cmi, a global meeting industry leader. “Whether from a virtual or actual stage, via his best-selling books, or now via this incredible new partnership with Audible for Business, his ability to help people create empowering connections, turn vulnerabilities into strengths, and generate win-win situations both in business and in life are exactly why clients line up to book him to work with their organizations and teams. We’re so proud to represent him.”

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3 CRITICAL Ingredients - Make Conversations Count

By Phil M Jones | Jun 24, 2020 | Comments Off

In a recent training session for Lifewave, Phil M Jones gave their team three important steps to making each conversation you have really count. 

1. Curiosity

2. Empathy

3. Courage

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The secret to success? Skip fear and head right into curiosity

By Tim Sanders | Jun 10, 2020 | Comments Off

Stuck in an innovation rut? With all the changes happening around us the last few months, who could blame you!

Tim Sanders outlines why we waste valuable time dealing with shock over huge changes in our lives. He also explains how to skip over the fear and uncertainty and head straight into having a curious, open mind. 

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Embracing Change in Our New Reality

By Chris Bashinelli | Jun 03, 2020 | Comments Off

"It's not always possible to change the world, but it is always possible to change ourselves."

How do we move forward in our new global reality? In this new video from Chris Bashinelli, he sheds light on how we can embrace change and find the courage to transform our lives in the face of massive global upheveal.

Keep an eye out for Chris Bashinelli's NEW virtual offering. Coming soon!


Resources to educate and inform on racial injustice

By Dori Pominville | Jun 03, 2020 | Comments Off

Photo from the Krassenstein Brothers Facebook page

Photo from the Krassenstein Brothers Facebook page

Like so many people, we at cmi are asking what we can do in the face of racial injustice. It will take all of us to listen, learn and help spread awareness of inequality for this massive problem to eventually be eradicated. Here are some sources we have collected to help in this process.