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Service Makes You Happier - Ty Bennett

By cmiadmin | Dec 21, 2016 | Comments Off

One of the reasons that I love the Holiday Season is because of all of the good that is done in the world. We focus on others, serve those around us and look for ways to help.

When I was in high school, I decided that our DECA club needed to do something that brought us together and provided service. As we discussed it, one of the girls suggested we provide Christmas for a family who needed it.

We all got on board, soliciting donations, money, and food. With a monumental effort, we showed up Christmas Eve at the front door of a tiny home in downtown Denver with three SUV’s packed full of Christmas. We had toys, candy and clothes for the four kids, food to fill their pantry, and some money for the parents.

As we brought in the first presents I set them down next to a tiny, modestly decorated Christmas tree. Under the tree there were already two presents. I read the tags and knew that they were not the names of the children in the family. Curious, I asked the father about them, and he said. “They are for two of our neighbors who don’t have any money for Christmas.” I said, “But you don’t have any money for Christmas.” He said, “I know, but serving makes us happy, and that makes for a great Christmas.”

Serving does make us happy. It brings a smile to your face and warms your heart. It helps you focus on what’s right with the world and yourself instead of on what’s not right.

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Accountability in The Post-Truth World - Sam Silverstein

By cmiadmin | Dec 16, 2016 | Comments Off

An elected official on national television blatantly denies something when asked, only to have to backtrack the next day as the truth comes out. Another elected official has over 70% of their statements documented as “not true”. Social media outlets overflow with false news. Does the truth not matter to anyone anymore? Can accountability exist in our post-truth world?

Do we not know we’re being lied to or do we just not care? Recently when I mentioned the amount of lies produced by one candidate the person I was speaking with said, “I just think that all politicians lie. That’s just the way it is.”

If enough people lie, then it’s okay?

Well, I don’t believe all politicians lie and I also don’t believe that we have to accept anything less than the truth, from anyone.

I would rather elect a leader who has different political views and speaks the truth, then one who says they have the same political position as myself but deals in lies. I know exactly what I am getting with the person speaking the truth. With the other individual, I don’t even know if their politics align with me as I can never know what to believe.

When people lie they cannot be accountable. Absence of accountability leads to chaos and then anything goes. Chaos means there is no order. The one thing we can be responsible for is to demand that our leaders operate from truth. Don’t elect someone we know isn’t telling the truth and when a leader speaks non-truths it’s time to replace that individual.

Once we allow our leaders to not tell the truth is it okay for companies advertising to give us non-truths? May our doctors sway from the truth? Do our teachers need to only teach the truth? We are opening the door for a post-truth world and I don’t like what I see in that world.

It is our responsibility to make sure we are being given the truth. It is our responsibility to only accept the truth. It is our responsibility to take action when we aren’t given the truth. Only then can we expect our leaders to lead with integrity and be accountable to us.

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The Promise of Your Best Work - Jason Hewlett

By cmiadmin | Dec 15, 2016 | Comments Off
What is your level of care when it comes to your work?

The lady who swiped my card at the store today: she’s just doing a job, didn’t even bother to say hello or converse when I tried to engage with her, just looked down and away.  Luckily there was the storefront manager-turned-bagger who walked up, with a smile, and saved the day with friendliness.

So I ask in a different way: What is your Promise of Your Best Work?  

There is a certain restroom I find myself in every trip heading out at my hometown airport.  For over a decade I have noticed one thing in the tile work a little higher than eye level as I take care of nature’s business, and since I apparently have OCD these two tiny tiles that are out of place bug me to battiness (forgive me for having taken this photo in a private setting….I promise hands were washed upon committing to this endeavor).

The Tile Worker Promise Jason Hewlett


Can you see it?  Here’s a closer look.


The Tile Worker Who Didn't Care Jason Hewlett Promise


Does this bother anyone else?

I have seen tile work the world over that is incredible and most all of it is brilliant.

Heck, I used to live in Brazil where the beautiful sidewalks and streets are tile patterns that would make any artist swoon.

It is so rare to see crooked tile work that this drives me insane!  And few things ever hit me so crazy as to notice this two tile disaster in a place that every man can see; in fact I seek this out every time just to see if it’s still there or if some paranoid tile worker has gone in and fixed it.  Yet it shall remain!

To make matters worse this restroom is in an overpriced lounge/waiting area where people pay extra money to use a beautiful private bathroom with lotions, cologne, mouthwash…Hahahahah!

Question is: Why did this tile worker choose not to do his best work?

All the other tiles he did were perfectly straight.  I’ve searched high and low in this restroom – odd, yes, don’t judge – but everything else was excellent work, except for this one spot!

Was he just leaving his mark?  Or did he just not care?

Contrast bathroom tile work laziness with the recent OK Go video that will blow your mind.  Talk about attention to detail, absolute precision, concern for each moment.  This level of artistry is only possible because they are attempting to constantly outdo themselves, since this is how they do every video they’ve ever done  (you may remember them from their first viral video on treadmills):

In other words, they keep the promise to do their best work every single time.

It strikes me to think about my own work.  Have I been lazy in its execution?  Am I cutting corners?  Do I fall in the category of apathetic bathroom tile worker who does great work all over the place with the exception of one glaring in your face annoyance, or is my portfolio filled with genius and stated care of the standard of an OK Go video?

I know currently I fall somewhere in between.  And it rips me apart.  It drives me to be better.  Given – it is better to finish work than wait until it’s perfect, as perfection may never happen, but what type of work do I deliver to the world, and is it worthy of my brand?  For this reason I record every speech, every performance, and scrutinize myself to the nth degree.

And how about you?  Are you bathroom tile worker guy or an OK Go guy?  What is your Promise to your customer, and to yourself, with the work you do?

And what are you going to do about it? 

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Jason Hewlett - NEW Promise Promo Trailer

By cmiadmin | Dec 14, 2016 | Comments Off

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Ty Bennett - NEW Power of Storytelling Promo Trailer

By cmiadmin | Dec 14, 2016 | Comments Off

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NEW Trail Angels Podcast Episode - interview with chiropractor and fitness coach Kellee Rutley

By cmiadmin | Dec 09, 2016 | Comments Off

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-36-41-amOn this episode, we interview Kellee Rutley, a chiropractor and fitness coach who teaches us about mindset, going after your “big scary,” and the powerful concept of weight release. You’ll be inspired and motivated to think bigger and let go of the habits and thought patterns that are holding you back...

Listen & subscribe to the podcast here!

Mike Walsh interview with CNBC about the Fake News issue

By cmiadmin | Dec 09, 2016 | Comments Off

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-25-33-amFuturist Mike Walsh says Facebook fake news problem shows need to balance humans, automation....

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EOFire Podcast Interview with Tim Sanders

By cmiadmin | Dec 09, 2016 | Comments Off

According to Tim, “People and innovative business relationships are the next big thing.” This former Yahoo executive has launched companies, built brands and now runs a media services company specializing in business trends, new media and human behavior. He is the author of Love Is the Killer App, The Likeability Factor, Today We Are Rich, and Dealstorming. He’s passionate about the power of great relationships....

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Confidence Will Change Your World - Ty Bennett

By cmiadmin | Dec 09, 2016 | Comments Off

joan_of_arc_on_horsebackThe word confidence means to go forward with faith. Self-confidence causes you to act. It is bold but not overbearing. It dispels doubt and fear. It is personal power. Ralph Ellison said, “Power doesn’t have to show off. Power is confident, self-assuring, self-starting and self-stopping, self-warming and self-justifying. When you have it, you know it.”  When you have confidence in yourself, you gain confidence in others. Great leaders have great confidence. It is attractive, focused and contagious.

Many military leaders were known for their supreme confidence on the battlefield. One of those was Napoleon Bonaparte. The Duke of Wellington said,  “In my opinion Napoleon’s presence on the field of battle was the equivalent of 100,000 additional troops. His very name acquired a mythical power and his supreme confidence of himself was transferred as if by magic to those serving under his command.” No wonder so many people followed him!

Confidence is not fake; it is grounded. It is built on strong self-esteem and a positive self-image. When you possess confidence you will be cheerful, optimistic and assured. Your relationships will improve, your business will flourish and you will be happier.

One of my favorite examples of confidence from history is Joan of Arc. Joan was born an ordinary child in a little French village in 1412. As a child she was healthy and happy, possessing a merry disposition.

At this time France was suffering through its Hundred Years War with England. France had lost nearly every battle. Eight thousand Englishmen had wiped out sixty thousand Frenchmen at Agincourt. The French were hurting and their courage and confidence had been lost. They had become, in essence, nothing more than a British province.

It was then, at the age of thirteen, that Joan began to feel that she would be God’s instrument in setting France free. And while she questioned it at first, she accepted her calling with full confidence, saying,  “If it is commanded, I will go. I know that France will rise again, for God has ordained her to be free.”

Joan, now seventeen, went to see the Dauphin, who was the uncrowned heir to the throne. The Dauphin said to her, “Tell me who you are.” Joan’s reply was, “I am called Joan the Maid. I am sent to say to you that the king of heaven wills that you should give me men-at-arms and set me at my appointed work. For I will raise the siege of Orleans and break the British Power.” Joan then said to the Dauphin, “Be not afraid, God has sent me to save you.”

Joan’s confidence and sincerity won the confidence of the Dauphin who gave her command of the French Armies. In a public proclamation the Dauphin said, “Know all men, that the most illustrious Charles, by the grace of God, King of France, is pleased to confer upon his well-beloved servant Joan or Arc, called the Maid, the title, emoluments, and authorities of General-in-Chief of the armies of France.”

Louis Kossuth said,  “Since the writing of human history began, Joan of Arc is the only person of either sex who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of a great nation at age 17.”

She had a suit of armor made for her at Tours. She rode a white horse and carried the sacred sword of St. Catherine. She led the men to Orleans with supreme confidence that success would be theirs.

With what seemed to be an impossible task to most, Joan said to one of her generals, “I will lead the men over the wall.” The general replied, “Not a man will follow you.” Joan said, “ I will not look back to see whether anyone is following or not.”

The soldiers did follow their courageous leader and on May 8, 1430, she broke the siege at Orleans. This day is still celebrated as Joan of Arc day. It is the day she saved France. Then, she and her troops marched to Rheims and crowned the Dauphin king.

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