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We're Hiring - Digital Marketing Specialist

By cmiadmin | May 16, 2016 | Comments Off

We're Hiring - Digital Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a digital marketing specialist whose role will be:

  • to create and execute a digital marketing strategy   
  • to generate marketing initiatives - promotional emails, images, and writing  
  • to manage and grow all forms of social marketing
  • to research new digital marketing ideas

You will be expected to write blog posts - create marketing emails – edit marketing materials - update our website (HTML code & wordpress) – do basic video editing - do detailed image editing - research and implement online PR, articles, drip marketing ideas - manage our social media (daily tweets, LinkedIn Facebook posts) - and find new ways to connect with clients.

NOTE: please provide 2 samples/links to your work in your cover letter/resume.


If you would like to work for an entrepreneur who deeply cares about changing the world - if you are committed to honesty, integrity and being accountable - if you would like to rub shoulders with 'near celebrities' and are interested in a 2-3 year commitment  - please apply.


Experience Required:

  • digital marketing and graphic artist experience (3-5 years) in a sales environment and/or a degree in communications, graphic design, or journalism with a focus on digital marketing, social media, and/or web design
  • knowledge in growing business sales and relationships from social media platforms
  • demonstrated ability to write effectively and create digital images that attract attention


Required Skills:

  • Creative Mind - you have an eye for design and are passionate about designing creative digital communication material
  • Super Savvy with Multiple Software Programs - including a CRM such as Salesforce, an email delivery software like VerticalResponse, or ConstantContact and social media – we are high touch and high tech so it is important that you are a quick learner of software
  • Uber-organized and efficient with a high output capacity – you are skilled at ‘wearing multiple hats’ – you have the ability to focus and execute during peak activity times - you are an excellent time-manager who accurately sets priorities and meets tight timelines


  • Freaky regarding the details – you execute with accuracy, speed and high attention to the details, you are capable of accurately monitoring our website stats and digital ratings
  • Savvy communicator – you are warm, friendly, fun, and always respectful when communicating on the phone, via email, text or social media
  • Flexible and versatile –  you are willing to jump in, create solutions and ideas to grow the business - even when you are super busy you are willing help out with other team projects - you are a creative problem solver who works well with little supervision



Essential Technology:

  • You are experienced and highly proficient using Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign - advanced graphic art abilities and use of an art tablet are an asset
  • You have advanced capability with Microsoft Office - especially Excel, as well as experience with Google Drive and Google Business
  • You are proficient and excited about social media for business - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS feeds, Web 2.0, the Cloud, internet research, video and image editing software
  • You are able to work with basic HTML code for WordPress and SEO development
  • You are able to work in both Mac and PC platforms


About cmi

cmi is a management agency with a global roster of carefully selected business speakers who advise Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the globe. We are known for three things:


  • The high quality of our speakers
  • Our honesty and integrity in all of our relationships
  • Our quick and effective response to our clients’ needs


Founded in 2001 by Karen Harris, relationships are our central focus – with our customers and our speakers. This has earned us the reputation of being the leading management agency in the world.

We look for speakers with fresh ideas who help attendees to think differently – who are constantly researching and growing in their field of expertise – who walk their talk both on and off the stage – and who are passionate about their ideas, their work and making a difference in the world. And lastly, we select speakers that are stellar human beings because that’s the type of speaker our customers deserve.



Deadline for Resumes - June 1st, 2016

Please send your resume and examples of your work to: admin@cmispeakers.com 


Vinh Giang Interview of Brian Grazer

By cmiadmin | May 16, 2016 | Comments Off

Vinh Giang Interview of Brian Grazer

Curious Conversations | Disruptive Innovation | Find the Yes


More From Vinh Giang Here 

We Have Hit Peak Tech - Mike Walsh

By cmiadmin | May 11, 2016 | Comments Off

We Have Hit Peak Tech - Mike Walsh

Is slow tech just a cynical status update or is it here to save us?

Every year, we are rewarded with a new round of technology upgrades. Faster processors, bigger and brighter screens, better cameras — a bounty that promises more rapid selfies, status updates and streaming entertainments. Forget peak oil, we have hit peak tech. For the more enlightened, that means something needs to change.

One of the highlights of the Further Future event in the desert this year, was Eric Schmidt flying in on his chopper to counsel the Mad Max styled crowd to disconnect from their devices and break their addition to technology. Such advice from a former Google CEO is not as ironic as it might sound. Google themselves, concerned for the welfare of their employees, have run experiments such as Dublin Goes Dark, where staff were asked to leave their phones at reception when they finished for the day, to create a better distinction between work and life. They are not alone. France, the perennial defender of La Bonne Vie, is set to pass a law that will allow workers to ignore their email after 6pm.

Behind all of these experiments and debates, is a bigger question about our relationship to technology. Rather than being slaves to the upgrade cycle, people are now talking about the Slow Tech movement. It was actually one of the subjects I spoke about with French entrepreneur and digital philosopher, Tariq KRIM, during the very first episode of my podcast, Between Worlds.

Some of the biggest adherents to the idea of Slow Tech are, nor surprisingly, concerned parents. Those of us born in the seventies, grew up in the shadow of the apparently corrosive influence of television. TV was our generation’s moral hazard, but at least it was controllable. There was a time for homework, a time for family dinner, and a time for reruns of M.A.S.H. In the smartphone age, such delineations are not so easy to make — unless, like one ambitious cafe, you build your dining room as a Faraday cage.

Your devices are getting faster, but you don’t have to.

And yet in a way, design may actually be the best solution to connectivity overload. Rather than designing for ever increasing speed and throughput, we may actually start to imagine products that come with in-built friction, that are designed to slow us down. Think of it as a kind of stomach band for our tech addiction.

The digital Leica M-D camera, sans the ubiquitous LCD screen.

Here are couple of examples:

  • The new Leica M-D is a gorgeous digital camera without a LCD screen, and manual controls for aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It is designed to re-create both the creative focus, and the anticipation that traditionally came with analog film photography.
  • Apps like IA Writer, and devices like the Freewrite, remove the temptations of modern tablets, to offer writers the same distraction-free environment as an old school typewriter did.
  • The Punkt mobile phone has had all of the features of a hyper-connected smartphone surgically incised, and simply allows the user to text and make calls. As its makers explain, ‘The more our phones do, the more they demand of us’.
  • Vinyl sales are having a mighty resurgence. The warmth of the analog sound is only one of the attractions of the medium. Also appealing is the mindfulness that putting on a record requires, as opposed to the instant gratification of streaming an algorithmic playlist.
  • Long form content platforms like Medium are gaining a wider audience, as readers — tired of 140 character updates or moronic click bait lists — seek more reflective alternatives. Even on mobile.

Some might fairly label Slow Tech products and practices as a Luddite reaction to the inevitable ascent of technology. You can’t stop progress, and it is certainly dangerous to try and regulate it into submission. But as co-creators of the future, it is also foolish to completely abdicate aesthetic control over what technology offers us, and how we wish to live.

A faster future is always possible, but is it desirable?

At the same time, we should resist becoming the grumpy elder who has lost touch with the new generation. Maybe several decades from now, if brain interfaces to technology become commonplace, our kids, now themselves parents, will find themselves bemoaning their own children’s habits.

Do you best to suppress your wry grin as you hear them yelling in the next room, ‘Hey! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that? I know you are thinking on the computer again. Use an iPad like a normal person for once!’

If you are interested in more of my ideas, you can stalk me on the Web. I spend 300 days a year travelling: researching markets, interviewing clever people, giving talks and looking for the future in the seeds of the present. Drop me a line if you would like me to speak at your next event.

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Tim Sanders - Dealstorming Bootcamp Offer

By cmiadmin | May 02, 2016 | Comments Off

Tim Sanders - Dealstorming Bootcamp Offer

Tim Sanders Promo-Desktop

NEW BOOK by Ty Bennett

By cmiadmin | May 02, 2016 | Comments Off

NEW BOOK by Ty Bennett - Partnership is the New Leadership

EB-Ty Bennett-New Book-Apr 12