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Tim Sanders’ Talk on Leading the Workforce of the Future

By cmiadmin | Sep 17, 2014 | Comments Off

This morning Tim Sanders spoke to a group of movers and shakers at the Frost & Sullivan Institute GIL 2014 event. The Frost & Sullivan Institute (FSI) is a non-profit dedicated to leveraging innovation to address global challenges. FSI's annual event is a gathering of a global community of growth, innovation, and leadership.

Tim Sanders gave a keynote called "Talent Disrupted: How To Lead the Workforce of the Future." He outlined how the talent landscape at companies has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Demographics, technology and globalism have all contributed to the disruption. Tim presented some eye-opening data, such as that talent investments yield 200% more ROI than investments in data and technology. He then gave practical ideas for leadership looking to positively influence their companies' talent value proposition. The insights he shared included key motivators of GenY talent, mentorship frameworks, and meetings policies to drive productivity.

Here are just a couple take-aways from Tim's keynote that were tweeted:

"@sanderssays - "Find and market your social purpose." Thought provoking concepts being tossed around in this morning's #GILSV keynote." –Frost & Sullivan ‏@Frost_Sullivan

"@SandersSays: We are all responsible for talent management... To be a leader, be a recruiter and ultimate retainer. #GILSV" –Tiffany Tuell ‏@TiffanyTuell

It's going to take more than just innovation for companies to survive. As Tim explained, it's going to take dedication and vision from the next generation.