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In his new book, I LOVE IT HERE, retention and generational workforce expert Clint Pulver pulls back the curtain to reveal the research and unscripted truths of the 10,000+ employees he has interviewed as the Undercover Millennial – which unveils the reasons for their lasting loyalty – and what triggers them to head for the exit door. Full of actionable strategies and proven methods to diminish employee turnover and skyrocket retention, I LOVE IT HERE shares the magic behind how extraordinary leaders create companies their people never want to leave.

"The Undercover Program and this book are creating a phenomenal movement that provides a powerful voice for millennials and inspires management to become more impactful mentors. If you run a business big or small, then this is a must read to enrich your ability to connect and inspire your team. I loved it!"

Robert Ferrell · CEO of DDS Inc