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Empower LWlogo-DrkBlue Case Study


"What was exceptional about this series is the amount of research and interviews that were done to provide real-world, company and industry specific scenarios so that LifeWave’s distributors would have EXACTLY the right words to use to grow their businesses. This was the kind of incredibly customized content that made for an amazing kick-off of this powerfully, hard-core training series."

Karen Harris, CEO at cmi

The Project - How the Empower Series Came to Be

In January, one of our talented keynote speakers, Phil M Jones presented for a LifeWave event in Las Vegas and instantly connected with their leadership team and Vice President Jim Caldwell.  

In February, LiveWave’s leadership team was looking for more and the idea of an in-depth, substantial, spaced series of online training sessions began to take root. 

Over the course of several months, with Phil and Karen Harris taking the lead as project managers, our team brought together some of the best speakers we know to create a cohesive, connective series where each topic would build on each other to form a multi-part training that would be transformational for how LifeWave distributors do business – especially in what we now know to be a rapidly changing – and often challenging world.

The Common Thread

In putting the series together, the common thread was to enhance and elevate communication skills for the organization’s entire team. When initially developing the series – the world had not yet been jet-propelled into pandemic pandemonium. However, once we found ourselves there – helping people know what to say, how to say it, how to connect on a higher level, and how to sell and recruit in a time where sensitivities were at an all-time high - became paramount. 

The Series

Truly a collaborative effort, each speaker in our series - along with the cmi and LiveWave teams - took part in the planning and development of the curriculum. 

Each speaker sat in on each other’s session so that they had the ability to expertly weave lessons together and deliver message continuity and build on momentum throughout the entire eight-week event. 

State of the art technology brought audience members, leadership, and speakers together with elevated chat and Q&A functionality to make engagement and experience seamless and powerful.

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The Results

The client, LifeWave, was thrilled at the engagement, skill building, and ability to deliver high quality training and motivation to their team at a time when it was so vitally necessary to adopt new strategies and solutions to communicate and grow. 

They saw record growth among their distribution team, and even experienced their highest month of sales volume in company history during our eight weeks together. 

Hundreds of people participated in the live events each week and are logging in to re-watch episode after episode. Their response and reactions to each speaker was compelling. 

The sessions were recorded and are now in LifeWave's learning library, providing ongoing advice and support to their distributor network. 

Written learning tools and content from various sessions were added to their library to support the curriculum of this empowering 8-week series.

LifeWave took the extra step to have a number of the sessions translated to extend the benefits and reach of this series to their global audience.

Comments from Participants 

 “This is the best series I’ve ever attended!”

“Extraordinary content, thank you for investing in us!”

“So helpful. I will watch this again and again!”

“This is the best training I’ve received. I’ll use it!”

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The Speakers

An incredible lineup of seasoned keynote speaking professionals, all masterfully skilled at presenting from a virtual platform, came together to teach the nuances of communication and sales skills with a nod towards the mindset shifts also needed to thrive in today’s world. 

Phil M. Jones: With communication being the key focus, the series naturally kicked off three of their eight sessions with master of influence, language, and persuasion – Phil M. Jones – for a deep dive on the power of words and how they affect our subconscious, move our mindsets, and how we connect and interact with our clients, customers, team members, and everyone else around us. 

What was exceptional about this series is the amount of research and interviews that was done to provide real-world, company and industry specific scenarios so that LifeWave’s distributers would actually have EXACTLY the right words to use to recruit and grow. This was the kind of incredibly customized content that made for an amazing kick-off of this powerfully, hard-core training series. 

Christine Cashen:  Next, we brought in Christine Cashen on the topic of staying inspired despite the exhaustion many are feeling as they navigate new realities. Christine brought necessary notes of fresh air stress relievers and just the right level of levity to help balance the in-depth content and skill building sessions. 

Ty Bennett:  An expert on storytelling and communication, Ty Bennett shared smart methodology for using storytelling techniques to elevate conversations and increase personal connection. From a person’s personal story, to their product story, to their company story, to their opportunity story – how well business professionals are able to tell those stories and bring them to life determines their level of success.  They allow people to “see what you’re saying” which moves customers and clients to take action. 

Vinh Giang: Vinh is a master of illusion and business. His spellbinding performances have been revered worldwide. In his Empower session, he spoke on the power of using your instrument – or voice – to lead, build relationships, and create persuasive connectivity. With fun sleight of hand and serious skills, Vinh uses magic to spotlight how showmanship (advanced communication skills) play a part in everyday success.  

Erin King:  As a digital communication expert, Erin brought audiences into a whole new realm by sharing how the power of persuasion can be amplified using digital tools. In other words, how to talk, type, and text, with purpose.  With high energy and a proven system, Erin shared how the audience members could easily go from “post paralysis” (fear of saying or doing the wrong thing online,  in an email, or via text) to feeling confident about their ability to grow a social following, persuade with carefully chosen key words and phrases, and create influence. 

Clint Pulver. As a career musician and expert on collaboration, leadership, and culture, Clint literally ended the series with a bang – using drums as a powerful metaphor.  With all the captivating energy of an entertainer, Clint brought a message of mentorship into the audience’s communication conversation to truly drive the importance of creating next level relationships with customers, colleagues, and the people in our lives. 

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The cmi Team

Acting as the hub for series development, the cmi speaker management team worked hand-in-hand with LifeWave leadership and the speaker team to ensure quality and cohesiveness throughout the entire project. 

Karen Harris: CEO, Super Promoter

Ever the connector, Karen first secured Phil as a speaker for the January event which then led to the discussions of speaker series development. Next, she and Phil brainstormed the event, then pitched to and negotiated with the speakers and worked together with LiveWave leadership and entire “cast” to schedule, plan, and execute these successful events. She also sat in on every session to ensure solid delivery and consistency of excellence. 

Natalie Reindl: Executive Assistant Extraordinaire

Natalie was an amazing coordination conduit between all the parties involved to keep details organized and on track. She acted as a professional moderator for each session and helped to process all the recordings, notes, imagery, and contracts to keep everything smooth-sailing start to finish!

Rebecca Clark: Vice President, Fairy Godmother

Leadership in action, Rebecca monitored every recording and live session for quality control. 

Dori Pominville: Digital Marketing Super Creator

Dori is our go-to for digital marketing genius. She helped with logos, waiting room graphics, and created the social media marketing campaign which complimented the series. 

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