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Multi-Part Speaker Series and Today’s Organizations

cmi offers completely customizable speaker series for organizations eager to provide solid, in-depth, and motivational training that can be presented live as well as be professionally recorded for a learning library. 

“Bringing together some of the best in business speakers, topics, and clients in an entirely new and virtual way totally makes sense for our time – and is truly just what audiences are starving for right now,” shares cmi founder Karen Harris. “With this kind of project, companies can leverage the excitement and energy of a live, interactive virtual training – and have the bonus of a long-term educational asset that can help their teams pro-actively develop new and important skills and mindsets.”

Recent Case Study Example

It’s an investment that pays off in…  

  • Focused and committed business professionals with renewed passion and enthusiasm
  • Higher productivity and profitability
  • Sales and recruiting numbers through the roof
  • Team members feeling supported and invested in

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Developing YOUR Organization’s Series

With a wide spectrum of talented of speakers, entertainers, and experts with specialties in some of the most timely and important topics for today, building a speaker training series for your team is completely customizable. 

What topics make the most sense for what your team’s needs? Leadership? Sales? Service? Communication? Motivation? Empowerment? A combination platter? 

How many modules would be a good starting point for you? 

What end-goal results are you looking for? 

The cmi speaker management team is ready to help you start that conversation. Connect with us here to learn how bringing a multi-part speaker series might be the investment that your team needs to grow, prosper, and stay motivated and focused – especially during these times of uncertainty.

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