Virtual Keynote Experiences - Ty Bennett

Fear, Failure, Focus: The Ninja Warrior Mindset

How can we better equip ourselves to deal with fear, failure and focus as individuals - in our organizations - in our community? With everything happening in our world, what can we do to help each other deal with their own relationships to all three?

In this deeply engaging virtual keynote experience, using the example of American Ninja Warrior, Ty demonstrates how to shift our mindsets to better understand this new world we're in. 


The Power of Storytelling / Partnership is New Leadership

With Covid-19 completely disrupting the way we connect in business, how are you investing in your people right now? Do your people feel heard when they are working remotely?

In this time when business has slowed down - showing your leaders new ways for connecting and building relationships with a remote workforce - developing your staff's Leadership and Storytelling abilities - enhancing their knowledge of serving your clients - these are an investment in your people's growth that will pay dividends now and throughout the years to come.

Ty’s virtual sessions are customized to your specific challenges and your corporate culture. His follow-up video series are packaged to help your leaders focus on a deeper dive into the tools that inspire commitment from your employees, even when they can’t physically be together.



"Ty’s presentation skills were absolutely amazing. He was able to engage me during this webinar and make me think about how I can better lead my organization."

"Ty was incredible. He kept me full engaged for the full two hours. Time flew by!"

"Ty Bennett is a compelling speaker and I enjoyed his presentation. I even bought his book during the session. Excellent!"

'"Held my interest even though it was not an in person session."

- National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) Virtual Keynote Session


Virtual Keynote

Leveraging a full production video studio, Ty’s virtual livecast platform will offer your audience a dynamic online keynote experience. With multiple cameras, integrated slides and audience interaction, we are able to create an impactful presentation for viewers that is more engaging than a typical Zoom or Skype webinar.

Virtual Training/Coaching

For clients looking to immerse their teams or partners in a deeper dive learning program Ty will work with you to co-create the video series, podcasts and/or coaching that will take their learning to the next level. All videos and podcasts recorded are customized to you and professionally created in studio with full editing capabilities.

The Online Summit

The online summit is a collaborative virtual event designed for small groups, leadership teams and company boards. Ty will present models and frameworks that are key to leadership growth and employee commitment and then lead a moderated discussion between participants. The event can be recorded by the client for internal reference and wider distribution to those not able to be present at the summit.


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