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    Exactly What to Say

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Phil M Jones Introduction for Exactly What To Say

Phil M. Jones is a best-selling author of Exactly What To Say, Exactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start.

He had his first business at just 14 years of age and is the youngest recipient of the “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” award.

To date, over two million people, across 59 different countries have benefitted from his lessons,

And as a result, they now know exactly what to say, when to say it AND…

EXACTLY how to make more of their conversations count …

Please welcome, Phil M Jones!

PLEASE NOTE: Phil’s intro needs to be read as written as it sets up his opening story.

Phil M Jones Technical Requirements

Phil’s Onstage Requirements

  • Two bottles of room temperature water
  • Side table
  • Preferably no barriers on stage (no lecterns or podiums)
  • Preferably rear mounted projectors
  • Microphone should be a lavalier microphone or headset mic (handhelds will impact on his ability to present)
  • A conference chair needs to be made available as a prop on or near the stage

NOTE: Phil Jones will bring a USB memory stick containing his PowerPoint presentation.  As it contains moving images, he will need to preview the slides during his sound check.  Phil can provide his slides in advance if required. 

Phil’s Preferred Walk-on/Walk-off Music

• B.o.B - “Magic” (feat. Rivers Cuomo)


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