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Mike Walsh Introduction

Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century. A global nomad, futurist and author of the bestselling book, The Algorithmic Leader, he advises some of the world’s biggest organizations on digital transformation and disruptive innovation in this new era of machine intelligence.

Please welcome him today as he takes you on a whirlwind ride into the world of tomorrow.

Mike Walsh Technical Requirements - Live Events

Mike’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images and video, all embedded into his Keynote deck that he runs from his current generation Macbook Pro. Due to the custom nature of his presentation, it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide them prior to the presentation.

Mike's requirements are as follows:

  • A 16.9 digital data projector, ideally with a HDMI connection.
  • 3.5mm sound lead to play audio from his laptop
  • A fold back screen (a monitor so Mike can see which slides are on-screen from anywhere on stage).
  • Mike doesn’t require a lectern, and we recommend you keep the stage as clear as possible for him to move around.
  • If you are looking for a walk on/walk off song, Mike prefers ‘The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?’
  • A wireless lapel or headset microphone
  • A bottle of water on stage, and prior to the performance, a cup of hot black tea with honey and lemon

SOUND CHECK: Mike requires no more than a 30-minute sound check. The sound check needs to occur within two (2) to three (3) hours of his presentation time.

VIDEO TAPING: Mike is happy to be video-taped; a separate Taping Agreement must be authorized by the Customer if they are taping his presentation.

Mike Walsh Technical Requirements - Virtual Events

1. Digital Keynote (pre-recorded)

  • Mike will provide his pre-recorded session as either a 4K video file for the client to download and load into their meeting platform - or a password- protected stream that can be embedded on a video page - or as a secure link that can be shared with attendees.
  • The client will provide the meeting platform of their choice, invite their attendees and screen the pre-recorded video to participants.
  • No technical rehearsal is necessary for the digital keynote product.
  • As the client screens the presentation, Mike will join the virtual meeting live and be ready to answer participant questions via a moderator.
  • After the session, Mike will provide a PDF summary of insights and next actions from the presentation.

2. Custom Livecast & Studio Broadcast (live virtual)

  • For the custom livecast, Mike will be presenting using a green screen for a chroma-key broadcast where he appears seamlessly in front of animated video slides. 
  • The setup can be tested with your platform in a technical rehearsal prior to the event.
  • Mike will stream live via the platform of the client’s choice. His ATEM pro switcher allows his multi-camera setup to simply appear as a webcam to your conference platform. 
  • Mike will not provide his slides, as they have been custom coded and are designed to work as a backdrop only.
  • In the event the client wishes to pre-record Mike’s session, to ensure maximum quality he will create the file to their specifications on his end and provide the file 3 days in advance of the event, and then join for live Q&A after the session.
  • After the session, Mike will provide a PDF summary of insights and next actions from the presentation.


–  Camera A: Leica SL2 full frame 4K camera with APO-SUMMICRON-SL 50mm f2 ASPH prime lens

–  Camera B: Sigma fp full frame 4K camera with 45mm f2.8 prime lens

–  Blackmagic ATEM pro switcher and hardware streaming encoder

–  5 x Rotolight continuous LED location lights

–  Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR 4K recorder and monitor

–  Apple Macbook Pro with LG 5K monitor

–  Apple iPad Pro (for questions)

–  Tascam Model 12 Audio interface and professional audio mixer

–  Sennheiser G3 wireless lapel microphone

–  Shure SM7B vocal microphone

–  Elgato green screen and 2 x LED Key Lights for chroma-key broadcasting

–  Elgato stream deck live action control system

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