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Mike Rayburn Introduction

Mike Rayburn is a two-time TED Talk presenter, a successful entrepreneur, a member of the speaker hall of fame and a featured artist on Sirius/ XM. He has headlined on the strip in Las Vegas, and received standing ovations at all eight of his performances at Carnegie Hall.

Please welcome Mike Rayburn!



Mike Rayburn Print-Ready Bio/Keynote summary

Mike Rayburn is a two-time TED Talk Presenter, an innovative entrepreneur and Hall of Fame speaker who uses world-class guitar and comedy to teach change and innovation to corporations world-wide. He has headlined Carnegie Hall, headlined in Las Vegas, and performed more than 5,000 presentations in 20 countries on five continents. Rayburn is a regular on Sirius/XM and morning radio nationwide. He has performed as guitarist with The Beach Boys and John Oates. Rayburn’s keynote is called “The What IF? Keynote Experience.” You will learn three simple tools for harnessing your unrealized potential, creating and leading change, and becoming a virtuoso performer. You’ll hear amazing music including a solo guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Oh, and you laugh a LOT! No one does what Mike Rayburn does.

Mike Rayburn - What If? Keynote (for your event brochure/agenda)

Every major invention, accomplishment and victory in human history began with the simple, almost childlike curiosity of a “What If…?” question - “What if we could? I know we can’t, but what if we could?” International keynote artist, Mike Rayburn, will share three simple, powerful tools which took him from playing empty bars, to headlining Carnegie Hall (eight times!). They work for anyone. And everyone. Always.



Mike Rayburn Virtual Tech Requirements 


Rayburn’s Virtual Studio Equipment list:

  • 3 Ikan LB10 lights
  • 2 softbox lights
  • Black Magic ATEM Switcher
  • Focusrite Audio Interface
  • 2 Sony 4K Cameras
  • 2 Apple Macbook Pros
  • 4K 55”Monitor
  • 4K 24” Monitor
  • Quartet and Shure in-ear monitors
  • Multi-port docking station
  • Hard-wired internet

Mike Rayburn Technical Requirements - Live Events

Mike Rayburn’s goal is to deliver the absolute best presentation possible and be the least of your worries! He is easy-to-work-with and will be as flexible as possible in working out details on site. What follows are the general, sound, lighting and staging requirements necessary to make Rayburn’s presentation and your event amazing.


• No podium is required. Please ensure it is off stage right or left.

• Rayburn does not ever perform during meals, while people are eating, socializing or otherwise distracted.

•IMAG is not required. If you do provide IMAG, ideal placement should be to either side of stage without obstruction.

• As you prepare for Mike’s performance it might be helpful to view a previous performance. Click here to view a full-length version of Mike’s performance here.

Please note: Mike tailors every performance and his material may vary. This recording is intended only to aid in your general planning process.

• Video-taping of Rayburn’s performance can be done for internal and archival use. We require a hi-res digital copy of the video-taping. A separate Taping Agreement needs to be authorized.

• After reading everything below, if you have questions, please call Mike’s team toll free at 1-877-307-7403.


1. System: Please provide one professional-quality sound system with EXTERNAL speakers, (in-house ceiling speakers are not acceptable without approval from Rayburn) which will adequately cover the performance area and project well to the number of people at your event, keeping in mind that Rayburn’s presentation includes his live guitar and vocals as well as speaking. We assume each channel will have level and EQ controls.

2. Vocal Microphone: please supply a Countryman E6 headset microphone (or comparable, but Countryman is preferred) with “one-ear set-up” (NOT two-ear “behind the neck”). Just in case, Rayburn will also bring a Countryman E6 with standard Shure connector (which fits most wireless transmitters) as a backup. If opting to use Rayburn’s E6, please provide professional wireless system with Shure or comparable connector.

4. Guitar: Please provide one (1) direct Box and two (2) AC power outlets down center stage. Rayburn will bring a small guitar effects pedal board with a 1/4” output.

5. Foot Microphone: Please provide one Shure SM58 microphone or comparable (wired or wireless) placed down, center stage (no mic stand necessary), and some gaffers (or duct) tape. (SM57 won’t work because of the loose mic head). Rayburn will tape a towel thickly around this mic and tap on it with his foot to put a beat underneath his guitar playing. Usually for EQ on this channel we cut out all the highs and mids and leave the low end flat. The goal is to create a heartbeat “thud” sound rather than a kick drum.



Rayburn will use a total of 3 inputs as follows:

• one for his vocal wireless

• one for his guitar

• one for the above requested SM58


Mike plays in a number of different settings with varying possibilities for lighting, so we will give you a general description of what he needs. The stage must be lit better and differently than the rest of the room.

• If theater lighting is possible Rayburn needs a nice general wash in the middle 1/3 of the stage.

• In theater/larger production settings, along with a general wash, any changing or moving lights must be subtle, not distracting from the comedic presentation.

• Front lighting is crucial as Rayburn’s performance is comedic and expressive, thus his facial expressions must be very visible.

• In ballrooms or similar, where lighting possibilities are limited, the key is to light the stage area well to help define the situation that this is a show and performance.

• If possible the audience should be about 75-90% dark.

• Be sure to light Rayburn from both sides so as not to cast shadows on one side.

• In ballroom settings, a minimum of four cans (two on each side) trained on Rayburn is required.


As stated above, Rayburn plays in many different situations ranging from fine theaters to hotel ballrooms, meeting rooms, make-shift stages, multi-purpose rooms and schools. We will address all situations in terms of Mike’s minimum requirements but as always, the better the staging the better the program.

• Please provide at least an 8’X 12′ or larger stage or riser appropriate for the room, audience, and situation.

• If the stage is made of portable sections please make sure it does not squeak or move when walked on, especially at down, center stage.

• PLEASE HAVE THE AUDIENCE AS CLOSE TO THE STAGE AS POSSIBLE. Closer proximity facilitates better connection between performer and audience and thus, a better show.

• Have this program in the smallest room that will comfortably accommodate the number of attendees you expect. The less empty space in the room the better the energy and connection and again, the better the show will be.

• IMAG is not required. If you do provide IMAG, ideal placement should be to either side of stage without obstruction.

Please call Mike’s team with any questions - toll free 1-877-307-7403. Thanks so much!


Checklist from above…Rayburn needs:

_______ One professional quality sound system with EXTERNAL SPEAKERS

_______ One Countryman E6 one-ear headset wireless microphone AND two 9V batteries.

_______ One direct box for guitar 1/4” input, placed down, center stage

_______ AC power outlet near down, center stage

_______ One SM58 microphone placed down, center stage

_______ For audiences of 250 or more, IMAG is recommended

_______ One roll gaffers (or duct) tape

_______ 8’ x 12’ or larger stage or riser



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