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COVID19 has forced us into a world where virtual communication has completely taken over. And most of our workforce and team members are now finding themselves working from home.

Vinh Giang has completely redesigned and reimagined what a Virtual experience can be. Whether you are looking for - An Inspirational Virtual Keynote Experience - or- A Virtual Masterclass Experience Teaching World -Class Communication Skills - Vinh has you covered.

During a discovery call, you and Vinh will decide on the material he will deliver based on what you feel your team most needs at this time. And of course, a session with Vinh has to include a little touch of magic. Vinh will inspire, uplift and engage your team while they learn important communication skills for this new digital work environment.

NOTE: these virtual sessions can be recorded and include a limited license to distribute internally.

Virtual Keynote Experience

"That session was as close to perfect a session could be. I'm still blown away by how good it was!"

- Microsoft Virtual Attendee

“I loved every minute of it and was 100% engaged the entire time, which is NOT something I can say of usual trainings or webinars. He is one of the best speakers I've ever listened to."

- SHI Virtual Presentation Attendee

“Absolutely no complaints. Quickest hour of my life. I hope we have more of these.”

- SHI Virtual Presentation Attendee

Virtual Experience Options


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60 Minute Session

  • From Vinh's full production studio, this virtual session offers your audience a dynamic online keynote experience. With multiple cameras, audience interaction and a touch of magic, Vinh creates an impactful presentation for viewers that goes way beyond a typical virtual session.

Communications Masterclass

  • These deep dive Masterclass sessions will take your participants on a journey of communications training unlike any they've ever experienced before. Choosing from a few or all 6 sessions, this training enhances communications skillset, improves collaboration and creates innovation that inspires deep connection within your team.

    Training sessions can include:

    • 5 Foundations of Communication
    • Vocal Archetypes / Storytelling
    • More on Storytelling
    • Body Language / Hand Gestures
    • Rehearse / Dealing with Fear
    • Presentations / Written vs Spoken
    • BONUS - Participants will learn the secrets behind Vinh's magic to heighten their 'impact' skillset
    NOTE: these virtual sessions can be recorded and include a limited license to distribute internally.

Vinh's Studio

Vinh's virtual sessions come to you from his own studio that is fully designed and technologically advanced. This ensures that the great energy and engagement from his live stage events are recreated in his high impact online experiences.

  • Sound-Proofed Recording Studio
  • 6 Camera Angles via Blackmagic Switcher
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • High Quality Audio Through Professional Soundboard
  • iMac Pro and MacBook Pro Running Wirecast
  • A Live Moderator Will Assist in Managing Each Virtual Experience

Click Here for More Detail re Vinh's Studio

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