Heather Younger - Virtual Keynote

Building Resilience in Your Workplace


Most successful people in history had to overcome overwhelming obstacles to climb the ladder of success. From Abraham Lincoln to Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey and leaders of significance all over the world – it’s inspired to see how they navigated rock paths that might have derailed others.

What is the secret ingredient to their success? Resilience. Whether they endured abuse, poverty, rejection, hurt, betrayal, trauma, or a combination of adversities, they leaned in, committed, and made conscious, difference-making choices again and again to keep moving forward and become their best selves.

In this life-changing message, keynote speaker and adversity expert Heather R. Younger taps into her own personal and professional experiences as well as stories of strength and perseverance to share empowering proven tools for resetting the resilience of every attendee.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Leverage the three top daily steps for strengthening resilience
  • Uncover underlying beliefs that can fuel resistance to change
  • Reframe adversity into opportunities for leadership and growth
  • Develop the kind of core tenacity that can take them through any challenge
  • Unlock and unleash new mindsets that replace fear with a feeling of empowerment, strength, and positive self-worth


“I just had the pleasure of listening to Heather’s talk about Resilience Through Change. While the message of the talk was strong and encouraging, it was Heather’s charisma and presentation that really made the topic resonate with me. Heather’s humor and personal experiences kept the presentation fresh and exciting. In addition, while facing the limitations of a virtual platform, Heather was able to engage the viewers and allow for audience participation; helping us (the audience) connect with each other through our responses and experiences. At the end of the discussion, I felt optimistic and enthusiastic to implement and share what she had taught me.”

Tammy Salazar, Forensic Scientist, Idaho State Police

Watch a clip from a recent virtual session with Heather: