VIRTUAL TOPIC: Building Resilience in Your Workplace

Heather shows your virtual attendees the significance of creating psychologically safe environments in an uncertain world where people can bring their whole selves and are open to voice ideas that drive innovation.

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Diversity and Inclusion- How to Build a Culture of Belonging 

Inclusive leadership that supports diversity starts with surrounding yourself with people willing to deliver uncomfortable feedback. Building a culture of belonging, educating yourself about others' experiences and challenges, and staying committed for the long haul is essential.

Leadership keynote speaker and employee engagement expert Heather R. Younger draws from personal experience growing up shunned by her family because of her race. From a lifetime of living inside that complexity, Heather learned to intimately understand the hurt of ‘not belonging.’

Heather uses her intimate knowledge to inspire leaders to flex their empathy muscles and master the art of active listening to ensure every employee feels valued, respected, and supported.

Leaders who actively listen to team members, establish a sense of belonging and inclusion by honoring their employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives. They encourage and support honest conversations in authentic ways.

In this corporate practice-changing keynote, your audience will learn:

  • How to harness the power of active listening
  • How to encourage others to speak up and be heard
  • How to treat others with civility, dignity, and fairness
  • How to show up each workday as their most authentic self 

If you’re ready to guide your leadership team towards a culture of belonging through the power of a diverse and inclusive workplace, invite Heather to speak at your next event.

Building Resilience: How to Unleash Your Mindset and Overcome Any Challenge

Most successful people in history had to overcome overwhelming obstacles to climb the ladder of success. From Abraham Lincoln to Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey and leaders of significance all over the world – it’s inspired to see how they navigated rock paths that might have derailed others.

What is the secret ingredient to their success? Resilience. Whether they endured abuse, poverty, rejection, hurt, betrayal, trauma, or a combination of adversities, they leaned in, committed, and made conscious, difference-making choices again and again to keep moving forward and become their best selves.

In this life-changing message, keynote speaker and adversity expert Heather R. Younger taps into her own personal and professional experiences as well as stories of strength and perseverance to share empowering proven tools for resetting the resilience of every attendee.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Leverage the three top daily steps for strengthening resilience
  • Uncover underlying beliefs that can fuel resistance to change
  • Reframe adversity into opportunities for leadership and growth
  • Develop the kind of core tenacity that can take them through any challenge
  • Unlock and unleash new mindsets that replace fear with a feeling of empowerment, strength, and positive self-worth

Ready to help your team develop the kind of resilience that will allow them to be happier, healthier, more balanced, and ready for anything in a world filled with challenges and distractions? Heather Younger has just the message for you.

Seize the Opportunity: Reimagining a Better Workplace in a Challenging World

Do you feel like your entire workforce has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the havoc unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic? Is your head spinning trying to define paths forward for your organization and employees in a world where change is happening at a seemingly warp speed?

In this empowering, interactive, and hope-filled message, keynote speaker and adversity expert Heather R. Younger inspires attendees to reimagine the workplace, their roles, and offers a high-level roadmap for succeeding with more ease.  

Your audience will learn how to …

  • Use proven psychology to reframe challenges and see opportunities more clearly
  • Feel more confident, empowered, and in control – even in a chaotic world
  • Lean into their inherent resilience and reduce their stress
  • Collaboratively reimagine workspaces and roles to develop win-win processes and an inclusive culture
  • Become better advocates for themselves and others
  • Lead in new, powerful, and sustainable ways

If you’re ready to ease the impact of chaos for your team and help them develop the skills and mindsets necessary to navigate change with agility, confidence, compassion, and character, invite Heather to bring this timely topic to your next event.

Changing “I Quit!” to “I Fit!” - Five Powerful Strategies to Increase Employee Retention and Create an Amazing Workplace Culture

Frustrated by the lack of engagement in your organization? Constantly battling high employee turnover? Is your employees’ favorite pastime updating their resumes? (Ouch!) 

In this entertaining and enlightening keynote, leadership keynote speaker and adversity expert Heather R. Younger reveals the underlying actions organizations can take to create a more engaged and loyal workforce -- even with budget restraints and a world that feels chaotic and challenging.

Attendees will leave more motivated, energized, and eager to collaborate as a team to create a positive, productive, and connected workplace.

Your leadership team will learn how to:

  • Successfully navigate their role in employee turnover and loyalty
  • Uncover the main catalyst for employee loyalty (it’s not money)
  • Develop solid capacities to help employees become more adaptable and less fearful
  • Manage change with agility and purpose and help lead others to do the same
  • Best Ensure employees feel safe, heard, seen, empowered, and valued

There has never been a more important time to lead with purpose, skill, adaptability, and resilience. Give your leadership team everything they need to stand out as an organization where employees can’t wait to help grow. Contact Heather today to learn more.