Digital Persuasion: Ignite Your Influence


Perfectly Tailored for: Executives, Directors, Managers, HR Recruiters, B2B Sales, Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Social Marketers, Direct Sellers, MLMs

This keynote is about:

  • Communication: how to be more impactful and persuasive in today's digital age
  • Influence: how to lead and manage others, attract attention and sell smarter in our screen-centric communications
  • Persuasion: how to differentiate yourself with language that triggers emotion and trust

When you type, text or tweet a message to an employee or customer - how persuasive are you? 

When reaching out online to someone you don't know - does your message influence others to give you a chance? Or ignore you?

Compelling communication in today’s digital marketplace is dependent on your ability to positively influence others to respond - without the power of face to face communication. 

In person, you have 8 seconds before someone decides how they feel about you and the message you are delivering. Online, you have just 2.5 seconds - or the length of a mobile notification preview. Presenting a new idea, introducing a new initiative, or downloading a new direction begins with persuading your recipient - in just a few words - that what you have to say matters.

Erin shares the big mistake 90% of us make in our digital communications with our teams and customers. Her proven 3 step PUB method, used by clients ranging from The Academy Awards to the United States Navy, shows you exactly how to optimize your approach to elicit the responses and actions you're looking for from your very next message.

Your audience learns:

360 Experience

Can be INCLUDED with Erin’s keynote - Before/During/After

  • Before Your Event:
    • one (1) custom promo video 
    • one (1) social media "takeover" - Erin will 'speak' directly to your followers on one (1) of your preferred channels
    • one (1) "en route to event" video where Erin promotes your event to one (1) of your preferred channels 
  • During Your Event:
    • no note-taking required - your attendees receive a mobile "cheat sheet" with all of Erin's key points and big insights - includes 'action steps'  from her presentation
  • After Your Event: 
    • Within one month after your event, deliver a 360 experience for your attendees by ensuring they are able to close the loop between strategic ideas and practical implementation
    • Erin hosts a 30 minute interactive Q&A on your preferred webinar channel or Live social channel
    • in this very popular virtual event, attendees can ask Erin specific questions now that they've had an opportunity to use the PUB method