Mentorship Vs Management - Clint Pulver

This keynote is about:

  • Why mentorship works over old school management techniques
  • How to communicate effectively with a multi-generation team
  • How to create a culture that cultivates, celebrates, and encourages diversity
  • Understanding the four keys to mentorship within the role of leadership

Help Your Sales Soar

This keynote is about developing a sales team that:

  • Feels more confident and delivers powerful customer experiences
  • Navigates uncertain times with an innovative shift in mindset and proven processes for creating customer connectivity, trust, and loyalty

Virtual Experience Options


A high impact, live presentation featuring Clint’s signature drum solo. Your session can focus on creating trust and unity OR on engaging and retaining your employees.


A content-rich, yet high-energy session. Clint will focus on the power of collaboration between coworkers and management - creating a culture of positive contribution - adopting implementation strategies for creating greater loyalty.


Bring Clint onto your team with personal small group or one-on-one coaching to create stronger managers and teams.

Clint’s Studio

A state-of-the-art space with full production capabilities - his studio includes:

  • Fully soundproof recording studio
  • His complete drum set with a LED light show
  • 5 cameras (4 are Lumix G 7s with high-quality 4k DSL, including one aerial camera angle)
  • 7 sets of studio lights
  • A customized computer tower (PC) built strictly for streaming which provides massive bandwidth, power and security
  • Highest quality of Sennheiser audio for clear and concise sound
  • And every session can include an in-person moderator in-studio with Clint

What do you need to provide? The virtual format of your choice and your people!

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