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Clint Pulver Introduction 

Today we have the opportunity to hear from one of the greatest professional speakers in the country! Clint Pulver has traveled the globe speaking to adult audiences everywhere. He has spoken in Dubai, Thailand and today his new personal favorite, ______________!!! Clint has dedicated his life to helping organizations diminish turnover, increase engagement and create loyalty that lasts. He has also been on America’s Got Talent, and starred in Motion Picture Movies with actors like Jack Black and Jon Heder (from Napoleon Dynamite). He loves flying helicopters in his spare time and also enjoys long walks to the fridge. Let’s give a big welcome to MR. CLINT PULVER!!

Clint Pulver Technical Requirements

  • Clint requires 2 hours for setup time. If it’s a morning presentation, he prefers to setup the night before.
  • Lavaliere or headset microphone only.
  • Drum Set. Six Piece Drum Kit. See below:

 Clint Pulver-Drum Image

  • Drum Microphones. Five mountable drum mics for the snare, mounted and floor toms, and a DMK-57 or 52 bass mic for the bass drum. Please note: regular handheld microphones are NOT 

  • System: Please provide one professional-quality sound system with two 15-inch EXTERNAL speakers that will adequately cover the drum set area and project well to the number of people at your event, keeping in mind that Clint’s presentation includes his live drums as well as speaking. NOTE: in-house ceiling speakers are not acceptable.

  • Two 18-inch subwoofers are also required on or under the front of the stage.

  • One 12-inch sound monitor—placed on the right side of the drum set. This monitor will be used to play back “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “We Will Rock You” during Clint’s Keynote.

  • STAGING: Clint has presented in many different situations. We will address all situations in terms of Clint’s minimum requirements but as always, the better the staging the better the program.
    • Please provide at least an 8’x12’ or larger stage or riser appropriate for the room, audience, and situation.
    • An additional 4-foot riser on the stage is recommended, but not required. (this will allow your audience the best view of Clint’s drumming.)
    • If the stage is made of portable sections please make sure it doesn’t squeak or move when walked on, especially at down center stage.
    • PLEASE HAVE THE AUDIENCE AS CLOSE TO THE STAGE AS POSSIBLE. Closer proximity facilitates better connection between presenter and audience. We recommend the maximum distance from Clint be no more than 10 feet.
    • Have this program in the smallest room that will comfortably accommodate the number of attendees you expect. The less empty space in the room, the better the energy and connection and again, the better the presentation.
  • Stage lighting. Good stage lighting is a must. Clint provides a high-energy presentation with a drum solo. We recommend effects and strobe lighting if possible.
  • Big Screen: Please provide screens for as large as the room will allow.
  • IMAG: is not required. If you do provide IMAG, ideal placement should be to either side of stage without obstruction.
  • Background Screen: During Clint's presentation, the screen image should either be your company logo or your event’s theme slide. We have created an “Intro Screen” which you can use before and/or after Clint's presentation. 

  • Large Paper Flip Chart on an easel with working markers, placed on stage right towards the back.
  • Clint will have three different music tracks played during and after his keynote. All tracks can be found and played from Spotify or iTunes:
  1. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard 2017 Remastered version
  2. “We Will Rock You” – Queen
  3. “Tom Sawyer” – Rush

Clint will work with the audio engineer and production team on the timing and placement of each track that will play during his keynote.

 No PowerPoint support required.

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