Mental Health from a Global Perspective

Chris Bashinelli Virtual Experience

Bash’s Virtual Keynotes bring calm, connection and clarity to a world rocked by Covid-19. This global pandemic has shown us that our own mental wellbeing is paramount to our company’s success. In his one of a kind authentic style, pulling from over a decade of firsthand anthropological studies worldwide, Bash shares the practical tools that lead to a more present,productive and inspired life – right from our own virtual office.

From a unique perspective that only he can offer, Positive Psychology Speaker and National Geographic Explorer, Chris Bashinelli, guides attendees through a powerful, yet practical path to mental health – one which does not require us to get on a plane.Bash reminds us that although there is so much outside of our control, there's always one thing we can control – ourselves. By putting our emphasis on personal transformation we put ourselves in the best position to be of service to our organization.

“Chris is unlike any other Virtual Presenter I've seen – he reaches across the digital space and makes you feel as though you are right there with him! Our attendees walked away with the confidence and tools they need to face these uncertain times with a positive attitude. We love Chris!”

– Eric N, ReloOlogy

Virtual Engagement

Bash leverages the interactive elements of the digital platform to show how we can not only stay connected, but deepen our connection in the virtual space.

Attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Join the keynote experience through interactive exercises
  • Engage in breakout sessions to strengthen relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Watch exclusive videos from Chris’s TV series featured on National Geographic

Key Takeaways

Bash’s keynotes help us understand:

  • How the practice of presence helps eliminate anxiety and stress
  • How acceptance empowers us to overcome any challenge
  • How empathy transforms self pity into productivity

Virtual Studio

With HD video and audio equipment, Bash delivers his keynote live directly to your attendees from his virtual office. Clients have the option to have a pre-recorded keynote, or to have Bash present live from his partner production studio in NYC whose work has been featured on Seinfeld, ESPN, and Starz.

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