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Spartan Race with Cancer Survivor Christina Xiao Whitt - Robyn Benincasa

By cmiadmin | Oct 19, 2016 | Comments Off

Written by Christina Xiao Whitt, Spartan Guest Writer13627257_10210131256101463_4810919979796847860_n-e1476819708650

I always wanted to run a Spartan Race, but I was always intimidated. So, instead, I would listen to the Spartan Up Podcast and to hear the stories of amazing, accomplished people sharing their journeys and successes. One day, Joe De Sena interviewed Robyn Benincasa, an ultra-endurance athlete and founder of Project Athena Foundation. This nonprofit helps women who have endured a medical setback to achieve an adventurous dream. Robyn herself had endured medical setbacks and found that placing an adventure on her calendar helped her to recover. Her message resonated with me.

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Why Winners Win – lessons from a real Super Woman! - Robyn Benincasa

By cmiadmin | Oct 13, 2016 | Comments Off

win-winWinners win because they have a recipe for success.

We had the privilege of hearing Robyn Benincasa speak at the AHRMM conference in San Diego in August.  Not only is Robyn a World Champion Adventure Racer, she is also an award-winning motivational speaker, three time Guinness World Record kayaker, San Diego firefighter, Ironman triathlete, New York Times bestselling author and the Founder of Project Athena Foundation, which helps other survivors live an adventurous life as part of their recovery. She is a real life Super Woman!

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Roy Horan on mindfulness, martial arts and hacking creativity - Mike Walsh

By cmiadmin | Sep 12, 2016 | Comments Off

When Roy walked into my apartment in Hong Kong. it felt like I was about to get a spirited lesson from the blind sensei Stick, from the comic series Daredevil. I had grown up watching Roy as a kid, playing characters in the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chain Kung Fu movies I loved. Since retiring from film, Roy has gone on to become a global expert in creativity and innovation, founding Innovea, a company specializing in high performance and well-being for both business and education sectors. Roy also teaches as an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design where he focuses on creative and higher order thinking as both a teacher and researcher. In this podcast episode, we shared a fascinating discussion on the power of meditation and mindfulness, and its links to creativity and break-through thinking.

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Upgrade your Teamwork to Human Synergy - Robyn Benincasa

By cmiadmin | Sep 08, 2016 | Comments Off

Win as ONE: The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy

dir-eb-robyn-quiz-sept-6-topWhether your “team” is your entire company, your specific functional group, your sales team or even your family, the truth remains the same. There are 8 essential elements that create real human synergy: A Supersized version of “teamwork” that says were not just walking side by side toward a common goal, were literally better, stronger and faster together in pursuit of our goals than any individual could ever be alone. This Teambuilder Test​ will help you map your areas of strength and your real areas of opportunity when it comes to each essential element of human synergy, and the resulting analysis will give you the tools to inspire your world class team to adapt, overcome, and win as one!

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Vinh Giang - Achieving Perfection Through Imperfection

By cmiadmin | Sep 06, 2016 | Comments Off

"If you want to be perfect, you have to be willing to go down the path of imperfection" - Vinh

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Why Should You Become Obsessed With Small Problems? - Robyn Benincasa

By cmiadmin | Aug 30, 2016 | Comments Off

Robyn Benincasa is a 2014 CNN Hero, a World Champion Adventure Racer, a San Diego Firefighter, a 10x Ironman Triathlete, and the proud owner of two bionic metal hips. Inspired by her good friend and Breast Cancer Survivor, Louise Cooper, Robyn started the 501c3 Project Athena Foundation to help Survivors of medical or traumatic setbacks discover how amazing and strong they are by completing an adventurous dream that they may have never thought possible. As Robyn often says "Its not about the setback, it's about the comeback!"

Beyond her non-profit, Robyn is also a New York Times Bestselling author for “How Winning Works” and is a 3x winner of the “Top 5 Teambuilding Speaker" Award. In the last 10 years she has shared her message about "Extreme Teamwork"  and "Why Winners Win"  with over 600 companies, from Starbucks, to Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Nestle, just to name a few.

Robyn also accepts full blame for inspiring people to do insane things like cross the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, run their first triathlon, start their own businesses, or kayak 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West! This is, after all, who she is and what she does: Robyn inspires people to grab life with one hand, grab their teammates with the other, and to create that special magic that allows each of us to become better and stronger together than we would ever be alone."

The Project Athena Foundation and our upcoming adventures for Survivors and fundraisers -- paf was inspired by my hip replacements and my awesome semi broken survivor pals who are now "trail Angels" who train others for their big comeback!

Her recent whack (last week) at the longest nonstop paddling race In the world, the Missouri River 340 (a 340 mile race from Kansas City to st Charles) with a fractured femur (grrrrr. Don't get me started)

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This event is for Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs and Coaches that want to take their game to the next level and master execution once and for all.  It does not matter what you know, only what you can execute that counts.

Project Athena and Robyn Benincasa 2 Day Hike!

By cmiadmin | Aug 29, 2016 | Comments Off

Awesome group hike (two full days, 45 miles, and 11,000 ft of elevation loss & gain) with Project Athena Foundation, which was founded by speaker Robyn Benincasa! The Project Athena Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams. Way to go!



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Strativity Group Inc. Honored with New Jersey SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Award - Lior Arussy

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Strativity Group Inc. is the undisputed leader in customer experience design and transformation

Hackensack, NJ (Aug. 29, 2016) — Strativity Group, Inc. was honored by New Jersey SmartCEO as one of the 2016 Corporate Culture Award winners. The Corporate Culture Awards celebrate 50 companies in New Jersey that have successfully championed a positive, productive and performance-driven culture, and have worked with their employees to develop successful cultural practices. Winners will be profiled in the November/December issue of SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016 at the Starland Ballroom.

“In the past few weeks we have been honored with a number of awards, recognizing our growth and undisputed leadership in customer experience consulting,” said Strativity President, Lior Arussy. “what makes this SmartCEO Corporate Culture Award so special is that we have maintained a fun, vibrant, exciting culture for our employees during a time of unparalleled growth.”

“The 2016 Corporate Culture Award winners have realized that running a company is more than head count and the bottom line. It’s about creating a place where creativity, energy and ideas are cultivated. Through this they are able to not only enhance performance and sustain their companies’ competitive advantages but also enrich the lives of those they employ and inspire them to make a greater impact on the world,” says Jaime Nespor-Zawmon, President of SmartCEO. “We’re honored to celebrate with the leaders of New Jersey’s top company cultures and recognize them for building true performance-driven cultures.”

About the Corporate Culture Awards 

The Corporate Culture Awards program honors companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Smart leaders understand that culture is a company’s greatest asset, driving performance and growth. What’s more, a successful culture is actively and intentionally cultivated and developed. Corporate Culture Awards winners will have championed for a positive, productive culture in their organization, and will have worked with employees to develop successful cultural practices. The final roster of winners will be chosen by an independent committee of local business leaders, profiled in SmartCEO magazine, and celebrated at a high-energy awards event. About SmartCEO SmartCEO’s mission is to educate and inspire the business community through its award-winning magazine, connections at C-level events and access to valuable online resources. SmartCEO’s integrated media platforms reach decision makers in the Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Long Island, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, metropolitan areas.

Strativity Group – Passion, Expertise and Execution

The people at Strativity are united by passion and guided by a proprietary integrated methodology to unleash exceptional performance with employees and customers. With experience at leading organizations such as Bain, Deloitte, EY, Ipsos, Bulgari and HP, Strativity brings world-class experience combined with a focus on measurable results.

We measure success by a single word: Execution. 

Strativity has had the privilege of working with exceptional brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MasterCard, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Walmart, New York Times, FedEx, Clinton Foundation, American Management Association, Mazda, SAP, Wyeth, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson. With over 175 completed projects in 21 countries impacting over 400 million customers and 700,000 employees, Strativity is ready to face your challenge.

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Aging populations, Chinese urbanization and the dynamic potential of Indonesia - Mike Walsh

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Ted C. Fishman is a global expert on populations, demographics and emerging markets. When we met up in Chicago, he slipped through the crowded hotel lobby to greet me, in a wonderful Indonesian batik shirt - like a covert character from a Graham Greene spy novel. Ted is a veteran journalist, essayist and former member and trader of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His most recent book, Shock of Gray, The Aging of the World’s Population and How it Pits Young Against Old, Child Against Parent, Worker Against Boss, Company Against Rival, and Nation Against Nation looks at how the aging of the world is propelling globalization, redefining nearly every important relationship we have and changing life for everyone young and old. He also wrote the international bestseller, China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World, which describes the effects of China's emergence as a world power on the lives and businesses of people across the globe. In this podcast, we had a wide-ranging chat about the future impact of shifting population demographics on global growth, the rapid urbanization of China and how technology has impacted daily life there, as well as Ted’s latest journeys and insights about the Indonesian market.

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Branding in an increasingly complex and multicultural world - Mike Walsh

By cmiadmin | Aug 23, 2016 | Comments Off

Sage and I used to hang out in Shanghai years ago, when he was an analyst covering the Chinese market. Since then, he has returned to the US where he now runs China Luxury Advisors, a consultancy that helps brands and destinations prepare for the next wave of Chinese consumers. Sage first visited China in 1987, and has studied and embraced the language and culture ever since. He has worked in China as a researcher, investor, entrepreneur, journalist and advisor, with a specialization in digital, mobile and strategy. We caught up in Palos Verdes, the beautiful beach town just outside of Los Angeles, to talk about the future of destination marketing, why WeChat is the operating system for life in China, and the challenge for brands in navigating an increasingly complex and multicultural world.

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