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Algorithms, human-centered design and the future of work - Mike Walsh

By cmiadmin | Mar 21, 2017 | Comments Off

I caught up with Ross Dawson, a fellow futurist and an Australian native, on a recent trip back home to Bondi Beach. Ross is the author of four books including the bestseller ‘Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships’, and the acclaimed book Living Networks, which foresaw the social networking revolution. Over the famously strong, and excellent Sydney coffee we riffed on some areas of common interest, in particular the impact of AI on the future of decision-making and work.

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Peak Performance Speaker Robyn Benincasa's Motivational Keynote Takeaways

By cmiadmin | Feb 28, 2017 | Comments Off

Let Robyn explain what you can expect to takeaway from her keynotes!

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Tamer Nakisci on undesign, emotion and the wonderfully strange, non-specified future of objects - Mike Walsh

By cmiadmin | Feb 07, 2017 | Comments Off

Tamer Nakisci is an award-winning Turkish designer with a strong vision and fascination for the future. He started his career at Fiat Advanced Design Concept Lab – Milan in 2004. His design for a flexible, wearable "Nokia 888" concept phone over a decade ago inspired device designs that are only now becoming a reality. Most recently his work was featured in the 2017 Wallpaper Magazine design awards. We caught up in Istanbul to talk about the future of design, the challenges of creating technology that is formless and adaptable, and how creativity comes alive when you provide tools without instructions.

How do you measure success? - Cary Mullen

By cmiadmin | Feb 01, 2017 | Comments Off


Cary Mullen, 2 time Olympian, World Record Holder and President of Vivo Resorts, has used his Process for Success™ in all of his business ventures.

This effective Process™ has proven it's worth for Cary and his team. They've recently been named "Resort of the Year" by U.K. based Luxury Travel Guide!

Robyn Benicasa- NEW 3 Part Video Series

By cmiadmin | Jan 11, 2017 | Comments Off

Robyn Benincasa | Corporate Background

Robyn Benincasa | Her Relevance to Your Audience

Robyn Benincasa | The Teambuilder

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Accountability in The Post-Truth World - Sam Silverstein

By cmiadmin | Dec 16, 2016 | Comments Off

An elected official on national television blatantly denies something when asked, only to have to backtrack the next day as the truth comes out. Another elected official has over 70% of their statements documented as “not true”. Social media outlets overflow with false news. Does the truth not matter to anyone anymore? Can accountability exist in our post-truth world?

Do we not know we’re being lied to or do we just not care? Recently when I mentioned the amount of lies produced by one candidate the person I was speaking with said, “I just think that all politicians lie. That’s just the way it is.”

If enough people lie, then it’s okay?

Well, I don’t believe all politicians lie and I also don’t believe that we have to accept anything less than the truth, from anyone.

I would rather elect a leader who has different political views and speaks the truth, then one who says they have the same political position as myself but deals in lies. I know exactly what I am getting with the person speaking the truth. With the other individual, I don’t even know if their politics align with me as I can never know what to believe.

When people lie they cannot be accountable. Absence of accountability leads to chaos and then anything goes. Chaos means there is no order. The one thing we can be responsible for is to demand that our leaders operate from truth. Don’t elect someone we know isn’t telling the truth and when a leader speaks non-truths it’s time to replace that individual.

Once we allow our leaders to not tell the truth is it okay for companies advertising to give us non-truths? May our doctors sway from the truth? Do our teachers need to only teach the truth? We are opening the door for a post-truth world and I don’t like what I see in that world.

It is our responsibility to make sure we are being given the truth. It is our responsibility to only accept the truth. It is our responsibility to take action when we aren’t given the truth. Only then can we expect our leaders to lead with integrity and be accountable to us.

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NEW Trail Angels Podcast Episode - interview with chiropractor and fitness coach Kellee Rutley

By cmiadmin | Dec 09, 2016 | Comments Off

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-36-41-amOn this episode, we interview Kellee Rutley, a chiropractor and fitness coach who teaches us about mindset, going after your “big scary,” and the powerful concept of weight release. You’ll be inspired and motivated to think bigger and let go of the habits and thought patterns that are holding you back...

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EPISODE #004: A HARBOR TO HARBOR RECAP - Trail Angels Podcast

By cmiadmin | Nov 28, 2016 | Comments Off

On this episode, we give a recap of our recent San Diego Harbor to Harbor Trek, a 2-day, 50-mile adventure that begins in Oceanside Harbor and ends in San Diego Harbor. We share some of the people and stories that made this trip such a memorable one, and how it impacted the lives of everyone who participated. We also invite you to check out next year’s adventure (link below).

You’ll Also Discover:
  • Why H2H is a different type of trip than we normally offer.
  • Why the morning of Day 2 was such a special experience.
  • Stories of some of the participants, and what made them so memorable.
  • Why H2H is a great introduction to Project Athena adventures.
  • Why spotting a double rainbow was such a special moment for the team.


Engaged Employees Make or Break Your Business - Jason Hewlett

By cmiadmin | Nov 18, 2016 | Comments Off

officejim_1225930411Disengaged and uncommitted employees cause more loss of money to business owners than anything else.

I’m not talking about non-engaged employees, they at least keep the lights on…I’m talking about disengaged employees that drive business AWAY!

Think of the last time you had a GREAT experience at a restaurant, a theme park, or checking into a hotel. You probably didn’t post anything about it anywhere on the interwebs, you just went about your life, because it’s expected that things ought to just be done well, that’s why you went there!

But BAD customer service? Oh boy! You’re on every review site known to man, furiously typing, venting frustration and eventually assisting in that company losing business for years to come.

And that’s how it should be.

McDonald’s. A necessary evil. We have put up with their choice of whatever plasticky whatever it is food for years, mostly because often it’s the only road warrior option. But my goodness, add in some bad customer service and you’ve just lost someone and a whole family.

I drove through one the other day in Florida, in desperation on a road trip after accidentally getting caught on a Toll Road (thank you GPS), no other options anywhere for food but gas stations. I asked for a few special things like,

“Do you do hamburgers in a lettuce wrap option?”

Response: “What are you talking about?”

“Do you have any Diet drinks?”

Response: “Why would we have diet drinks other than Diet Coke?” 

“Do you want me to leave?” 

Response: “What? What are you saying?”

Yeah, that was it. I just pulled away and committed not to go to McD’s anymore. I’m done with them. So is my family. Gas station has better choices.

And now I’m blogging about it.

Disengaged employees make life miserable. The restaurant waiter that doesn’t refill your drink or bring your food fast enough; the theme park’s yawning employees not caring that you just waited 45-minutes in line and they shut it down for maintenance by the time you’re on deck; the hotel front desk uncaring, disinterested in your status, comfort, or answering phones while you’ve been waiting….

These things drive us crazy. And it drives us away. And you lose business over it.

No matter how many meetings you have, coaching them to be their best selves, to always smile, to give their all, it doesn’t matter.

As owner you have done EVERYTHING right, as manager you have drilled it into their heads: Guys, it’s SO EASY to engage, be positive, apologize and just smile!!!

So what is the answer?

The answer is The Promise.

What are your employees committed to?

Do they know your mission statement?

Are they actively engaged in living it?

Are they rewarded by acknowledgment for being awesome?

Do you, as manager or owner, offer up enough appreciation, high-fives, recognition on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to encourage this type of loyalty?

Do these people on your team have any hope to move up in the company and fulfill their dreams?

Want to create employee loyalty, joy, engagement, and trust? Simple: just tap that most essential part of the brain that secretes oxytocin, known for it’s social interactions and bonding, by literally giving a high-five or positively reinforcing positive actions of your wayward worker. Do it enough so the synapses in their brain changes toward you and their job. Repetition drives performance, positive performance drives your business. It will begin to shift their brain, and in turn, their actions. Do it once and that’s ok. Do it every time you see them do something right over a few weeks and they will become the best employee on the planet. Want to learn more on activating the brain? Read “Activate Your Brain”by Scott Halford, he’s my friend so I’m biased, but his studies are genius and will change the game for your company.

It all comes down to COMMITMENT & TRUST. Does your employee feel they are trusted to be the FACE of your empire? Do they feel they have ownership of some kind, not in bottom line and stock shares, rather in personal pride to make the company look and be even better than advertised?! What is their level of commitment? That’s your job to help them understand it and be excited about it.

When you TRUST your employees, give them room and a place to shine, give acknowledgement and social congratulations, be sincere and suggest they use their Signature Moves as only they can – after all, that’s why you hired them in the first place. And when they apply these simple things, and truly live The Promise of the Employee, The Team, AKA The Family, your customers will stay, and not write negative reviews, and your business will continue to thrive the way you meant it to in the first place.

And from there it’s a matter of achieving such a high-level of The Promise & The Engagement Experience, that people will turn to the interwebs and write a review out of sheer joy and wonderment all about your company. And that’s the next step in your Promise training.


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Episode 1 of Trail Angels with Robyn Benincasa & Project Athena!

By cmiadmin | Nov 09, 2016 | Comments Off

On this episode, the first of the Trail Angels podcast, we introduce you to our “base camp” hosts Amanda, Vanessa, and Robyn, and share a little about our backgrounds and the reason we are so passionate about inspiring others to live their most amazing lives. But the show isn’t just about us–it’s ultimately about helping you live a “C4” life: doing cool things with cool people in cool places for a cool cause. Thanks for joining us, and we’re thrilled that you’re taking the journey with us.

You'll also discover:

  • What to expect on each week’s show.
  • How Project Athena helps survivors live their adventurous dreams as part of their recovery.
  • How you can inspire and amaze yourself when you take on challenges you’ve never faced before.
  • The number of Ironman triathlons Amanda has participated in.
  • Vanessa’s story of hiking across the Grand Canyon.
  • Fascinating details about Robyn’s upcoming adventure–the world’s longest non-stop paddleboat race.
  • The difference between “poodles” and “rottweilers” in the racing community.
  • Details about several of the upcoming adventures Project Athena is hosting.
  • Previews of the next few podcast guests.
  • Why you should always have a goal on your calendar.

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