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How to Find More Time - Dan Thurmon

By Dan Thurmon | April 14, 2021

More than ever, we need to slow down and examine how we are working, living our lives, what goals are we setting and what are our expectations of ourselves and others? 

Watch Dan Thurmon use juggling (even glow-in-the-dark!) as a tool to highlight the patterns in the movements in order to teach us how to find the moments between our actions.


It’s hard to imagine that in order to find more time, we actually have to slow down. Doesn’t that somehow seem counterintuitive? The busier we get, the more we often try and speed up, only to realize that life speeds up with you and never tires. You will lose that race, eventually. But, there’s more time than you think. By slowing down, you can observe the moments between your actions.

Each moment is a chance to appreciate something, to choose how to react or respond, or to internalize it so you can express it to someone else. All you ever get is the moment. So, as we go forward, we need to slow down.

Take juggling, for example. There’s a rhythm and a pattern in the movements and the basic principle is how long the object will be in the air and where it is going to land when it comes down. One throw, one thought, one deliberate action at a time. One moment.

The opportunities in life are like the moments between the throws and the catches. Your life right now is how you’ve utilized the moments in your past. In order to create new growth, we need to slow down and recognize the patterns. Can you see it?

Find the patterns in your life and see what pace you have set by how high you decide to take the throws, and how high you decide to live your life. Find that infinite loop, that pattern in your life, to understand how you can grow.


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